Allergy-Free Spring Solutions

Ah, Ah…..Allergies!


If you’re like me, then you are looking forward to spring…BUT maybe not the allergies that come along!

While there is nothing we can do to prevent the pollen from falling, there are several easy steps to manage indoor allergens to create and maintain a healthy home environment for you and your family:

Keep It Tidy

Regularly cleaning your home will go far in reducing allergens such as dust, dust mites and pet dander.  Throw away or recycle old books, newspapers, clothing or bedding.  The less stuff in your house, the easier it is to clean and fewer places for allergens to accumulate.

Clean The Air

Your HVAC system is your home’s first line of defense against bringing harmful pollutants into your living space. Changing furnace and return air filters is a simple, yet often overlooked task.  If you have pets, you should change your filter every other month.  If you don’t have pets, you should change it every three months.

Redo Your Floors

Replacing rugs and carpets with wood or vinyl flooring with help minimize dust and other allergens that become embedded in fabric fibers.  When that’s not an option, invest in a high quality vacuum that has a HEPA filter.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing with mold and mildew killing detergents on your home exterior and bleaching walkways will significantly reduce the amount of mold spores tracked into your home from outside sources.

Groom Your Furry Friends

Regularly bathing and brushing your pets will help reduce the amount of dander and pet hair in your home.  And while you’re at it, clean your pet’s bedding or cage at least once a week.

Go on Mold Patrol

Be on the lookout for any leaks or moisture in your home as this can cause mold to thrive.  Quickly repair plumbing leaks and remove bathroom carpeting where moisture is a concern…actually, just go ahead and remove any carpet from bathroom!

Here’s to a sneeze and sniffle-free spring!


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