Chip’s Picks for Father’s Day

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Chip's Picks for Father's Day

Here are some of Chip’s favorite gadgets!

The Green Laser GLL 100G by Bosch is a great gift for the dad who is a perfectionist like me.    This new measurement tool is an impressive little machine.  The green laser projects vertically and horizontally with superior visibility on a variety of surfaces with self-leveling accuracy.  It’s easy to operate and can be mounted any way you need to.  Love it!

Being a dad is a tough job and sometimes, we do sweat it.  I’ve been loving my Thompson Tees that keep me looking cool, even as Georgia is heating up for the summer.  Whether your dad is outside in the sun or inside in a suit and tie, these undershirts are sweat proof!

Not all dads are bald, just the best ones.  Ha!  Head Blade Head Shed is the best shaving prep cream I have found to exfoliate and give me the closest shave.  If your dad is still rocking hair on his head, this stuff works for beards and as a body scrub, too.

For the outdoorsy dad, splurge on this pair of amazing binoculars from Vortex Optics.  This model is full size, but compact, tough and amazingly clear thanks to extra-low dispersion glass.  The incredible vision these provide will open his eyes to nature in a whole new way.

If Dad travels often like I do, wireless BeatsX Earphones are a great gift.  Besides sounding superb, they are convenient to wear and don’t get tangled and let me take calls with no fuss.  I love that they charge quickly and last the whole trip!

A recent discovery I’ve made is this cool headlamp from StreamLight.  It is easy to maneuver with gloves on and I keep finding new ways this gadget is a lifesaver.  Who doesn’t want hands free illumination whether working in a tight spot under the kitchen sink or camping in the middle of nowhere?  It’s great for work and play!


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