Fall Home Improvement Tips

Fall is here and there is no better time than now to get your house in shape for the cooler temperatures ahead. From energy efficiency tips to having the right tools for the unexpected, here are some tips Chip recently shared in a TV interview!

What can we do to transition our homes for the seasonal changes?

Let’s start with energy efficiency which is so important. Attics are ground zero for energy loss but topping up your attic with the Owens Corning Atticat system can save you up to 20% in energy costs! Tackle this yourself by heading over to Home Depot and renting an Atticat Blowing Machine to get the job done in an afternoon!  Or easily find a “Certified Energy Expert” at owenscorning.com

Their CEEs are trained, tested and warrantied to do the job, backed by a Fortune 500 company, plus are are EPA and Energy Star recommended!

And with insulating also comes sealing. For any sealing tasks, DAP has you covered. DAP has leveraged the power of multiple technologies to create the ultimate hybrid sealant: AMP Advanced Modified Polymer Sealant. The AMP line includes Kitchen & Bath and Window, Door, Siding & Trim sealants, both delivering a 100% waterproof seal. They can be applied on wet and damp surfaces, offers extreme temperature use of 0°F to 140°F and features fast and efficient 30-minute paint and rain/water ready times. 

What can we do to prepare for the unexpected home repair or emergencies?

Generators are essential for the event of a blackout or power outage and The Geneverse HomePower TWO PRO is redefining the entire generator space. This is a compact, indoor-safe backup energy solution that can power 99% of a home’s appliances and can recharge through solar. This is ideal for DIY projects as a means of having portable power, and it’s of course essential to have in the event of a blackout. During an outage, it only takes a few hours for hundreds of dollars of food to spoil in your refrigerator. On a single charge, the HomePower TWO PRO can power a fridge for up to 35 hours! Unlike a gas generator which presents so many dangers, the HomePower TWO PRO was designed for safe indoor use. No fumes, no noise, no maintenance. This is reliable, safe, and quiet enough to sleep next to. You have your own means of generating power with the SolarPower 2 Panels. They’re 50% more efficient than competitor’s panels, weather-proof, and lightweight. Best of all, you can charge while the generator is in use for uninterrupted power. Charge up the HomePower TWO PRO and it stores the energy for up to a year so you have it whenever and wherever you need it. Through the Geneverse App, you can monitor your usage, control your charging modes, set timers for charging your devices and battery, as well as get a holistic view of what your HomePower TWO PRO status is and even turn on the LED flashlight remotely.

And for DIY clean up, your shop vac is imperative and I’ve got a great tool that will upgrade “most” shop vacs. Check out the Vacuvortex! It’s a highly effective exhaust port attachment which minimizes turbulent exhaust flow and also acts as a HEPA filter.  The Vacuvortex will have a minimal affect on the suction, ensuring reduced clean up time while leaving a cleaner environment. This unique product is unparalleled in it’s effectiveness and is unavailable in stores.  It may be purchased at www.VacuVorteX.com

Any tips to upgrade our outdoor space?

Yes! If it was up to me, I would grill all year round, no matter the temperature outside and Recteq has made it all the more easier for you to do just that with the Recteq RT-1070 w/Cabinet Wood Pellet Grill. Not only can you control temperature ranges from your phone with the recteq app, it offers a luxurious look and function design that allows you to roll it easily in between stone counters and or outdoor fixtures. Plus I love the convenience of being able to keep an eye on my progress from the comforts of being inside! Temperature ranges from 180°F-700°F and you can control directly from your phone with the recteq app.

These grills are made with the highest quality 304 stainless steel and also offer a 6-year industry leading warranty! Available at: www.recteq.com

*Housekeeping Note: The products featured above are compensated placements and this post may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through one of our links at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products we have personally used and while some of the pics and stats may come from the manufacturer, all of the tips and opinions are our own.


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