Family-Friendly DIY!

Are you looking for fun and easy DIY projects to do with your family? Look no further! Our go-to DIY’er, Chip has some exciting projects that you can tackle together, from creating an edible garden to upgrading your shop vac. And to make these projects even more enjoyable and efficient, we also have the tips and tools you’ll need to. So, grab your little ones and roll up your sleeves…its time to DIY!

Create an Edible Garden!

Make yard-to-table a breeze by spending the weekend creating an edible garden with your family. Lowe’s offers a wide selection of products to help you curate your custom edible landscape, including raised garden beds, hundreds of Bonnie Plants products, and all the necessary gardening supplies. For Step-by-step instructions to build your raised garden bed (along with tons of other DIY project guides), simply CLICK HERE!

With so many varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs and garnishes, there are countless ways to add delicious flavors to your meals by growing your own edible garden!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, Lowe’s has everything you need to make your yard-to-table journey a breeze…including delivery to your doorstep!

With Lowe’s SpringFest deals, there is no better time to invest in your yard. From now until May 1st, get up to 30% off patio & accessories, 25% off outdoor power equipment and grills, and fantastic deals on garden supplies, appliances, décor, and more. And don’t forget to sign up for MyLowe’s Rewards! Join, Earn, & Save on the products you can your family need to complete your projects this spring with their loyalty program. Visit or your local Lowe’s store to learn more!

Inspire Creativity in Your Kids

As a parent, keeping your kids engaged in non-screen activities can be a challenge…but Makedo ignites imagination, inspiring kids to Build Big Fun. The variety of durable tools, designed for kids to use on cardboard, encourage sibling relationships, educational play, and environmental awareness all while teaching kids how to use tools responsibly.

The reusable connectors and durable tools provided by Makedo allow kids to build and rebuild their creations, fostering a sense of creativity and resourcefulness. Trusted by tons of teachers, Makedo tools are used in thousands of classrooms. Use Makedo to cut, fold and connect forts, costumes, robots and more for hours of entertainment and awesomeness.

With Makedo, your children can explore the world of upcycling and turn cardboard boxes into incredible creations. Individual tools as well as curated kits are available at:

Secure Your Outdoor Space

Keeping your outdoor space safe and secure is a top priority for any family. YARDLOCK offers a keyless gate lock that provides advanced security without the hassle of keys or padlocks. The patented 4-dial internal combination lock offers 10,000 possible combinations, ensuring the utmost security for your property.

Constructed from a zinc die-cast body with a rigid plastic shell, the YARDLOCK is weatherproof and built to withstand extreme conditions without freezing or rusting. Its one-hand operation feature allows you to easily open the gate from either side, while the protective latch cover prevents unauthorized access. Plus, the YARDLOCK can also function as a lockbox for a spare house key, providing added convenience and peace of mind. Available to purchase at Amazon and at

Optimize Your Storage Space

Spring cleaning is a great project to recruit the kids. But you won’t make much progress in your organizing efforts if you don’t have the right shelving systems for your gear! Since organization might be my love language…I kinda consider myself an expert! Seriously, the only thing more relaxing than tinkering in my workshop is the peace that comes from having all my tools organized and easy to find. I found LEVRACK back when we built Pinhoti and it is the perfect storage solution!

The hanging shelves slide back and forth to create a clean, compact storage environment. These mobile aisle shelving systems increase storage capacity by 1.5x to 2x compared to static shelving. Installation is quick and simple, and LEVRACK industrial grade units are proudly made in the USA (actually invented on a farm in Nebraska) and ship directly to your door!

Efficient and durable, LEVRACK is fully customizable with multiple accessories from internal drawers to workstations, plus they come in multiple sizes and colors to fit any space….and you can even design your own from the ground up by using their 3D builder. Check it out at

Keep Your Garage Cool and Well-Lit

Whether your crew is working on DIY projects or spending time in your home gym, a well-ventilated and well-lit space is essential! Mule Garage Fan XL with Lights is the perfect solution to keep your workshop or gym cool and bright.

With its powerful airflow of 4500 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and three-speed settings, the Mule Garage Fan XL ensures a comfortable environment even on the hottest days. In fact, my friend, Kathryn, and I kept coming back to the Mule booth at the National Hardware Show to catch a cool break amid the tradeshow chaos.

The fan’s super quiet operation, 50% quieter than leading competitors, allows you to focus on your projects without distractions. The integrated work lights provide 1200 lumens of brightness and can be adjusted to the perfect position.

No wiring need and easy to install and with adjustable swivel capabilities, the Mule Garage Fan XL is the ultimate companion for any DIY enthusiast. Also, if you’re DIY projects take you on the go, check out the 5-in-1 Mobile Workshop that combines five essential tools to enhance convenience and efficiency anywhere around the house!

Visit the Mule Products website to explore their range of innovative solutions to keep your DIY crew cool this spring and summer.

Protect Your Floors During DIY Projects

When embarking on a DIY project, protecting your floors is crucial. Ram Board is the ultimate surface protection solution that offers 5 times the thickness of builder’s paper and crafted right here in the USA! With Spill Guard® and Wall Guard® capabilities, floors and walls are protected against paint, water, mud, kids and more!

Designed with breathability in mind, Ram Board allows floors to continue curing during the duration of your project. Its spill and wall guard capabilities ensure that your floors and walls remain unscathed. Whether you’re painting, renovating, or doing any other DIY task, Ram Board is the go-to choice for safeguarding your surfaces. So, work with confidence, knowing that your floors are well-protected.

Available to purchase at Lowes and other major retailers. Learn more at

Grill in Style

A family-friendly DIY project isn’t complete without some outdoor cooking. The Monument Grills New Mesa 200 is not just a well-built grill; it’s a statement of style and functionality. With its retro and room-saving design, this gas grill will add a touch of youthful energy to your outdoor space.

The New Mesa 200 features porcelain-enameled cast iron grates that ensure even heat distribution and long-lasting performance. The viewing lid and temperature gauge allow for accurate control of your grilling experience. And with five exclusive colors to choose from, you can find a grill that perfectly matches your style while delivering exceptional cooking results.

Secure Your Cargo with Confidence

Whether you’re hauling equipment for a DIY project or going on a family camping trip, securing your cargo is essential…and few things are worse than loose or tangled straps! With ShockStraps you can experience the ultimate peace of mind. These reliable straps are designed to provide constant tension on your hooks, ensuring superior shock absorption without ever coming loose.

Image courtesy of Shockstrap Facebook Page

ShockStrap Tie Downs feature a patented, heavy duty, polyurethane shock absorber that is built into the strap to keep constant tension. Once stretched, the polyurethane absorbs all movement that would normally cause other straps to come loose. This proprietary polyurethane formula keeps the straps unaffected by most chemicals, sunlight, oil, salt water, fungus, and moisture.

The premium heavy-duty polyester webbing comes in 1”, 1.5”, and 2” widths with impressive break strengths ranging from 1,500lb to 6,000lb. With superior features such as soft loops on both ends, a limiter/safety strap to prevent overtightening, and carabiner clip ends, these straps are a game-changer. Plus, all hardware is rust-resistant with yellow zinc coating, lasting 8 to 10 times longer than chrome plating. ShockStraps are designed handle abuse and come with an industry leading 2 year warranty.

Secure your cargo with confidence! Check out the full line of ShockStraps and Perfect Bungees at

Upgrade Your Shopvac Experience

Are loud noises and gusts of dirty air that exit your shop vac keeping you from asking the kids to sweep up the shop? Well, not anymore! VacuVorteX™ attaches directly to your wet-dry vac’s exhaust port, stopping dirty air in its tracks while decreases noise by a few decibels.

The VacuVorteX™ is patented technology that has been thoroughly researched and designed to channel a high force exhaust waste stream from an exhaust port into a series of complex baffles, giving you these amazing features:

  • STOPS DIRTY AIR – The strong gust of wind exiting a wet-dry vacuum normally causes small particles (which you’re trying to clean up) to become airborne which will either resettle onto the just-vacuumed surface you spent time cleaning or breathed in by anyone in the vicinity. The VacuVortex attaches to your wet-dry vacuum cleaner’s blower port to attenuate the exhaust coming out.
  • MUFFLES – Installing a VacuVortex will reduce the loud roar of a wet-dry vacuum, decreasing noise by a few decibels.
  • SAVES TIME AND INCREASES EFFICIENCY – VacuVorteX™ increases the efficiency of your wet/dry vacuum, and the attenuated exhaust allows for easy, one-pass clean-up. This can save you hours in clean-up time!

With easy installation and compatibility with most shop vacs, VacuVorteX™ increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your cleaning tasks…especially when you can confidently delegate the task to the kids! Head on over to to buy or learn more!

Enhance Your Home Security

When it comes to protecting your projects, your home and loved ones, Lockly has you covered with their innovative video smart lock, the Lockly Vision Elite. This exceptional smart lock features an array of capabilities that set it apart from ordinary locks, making it an excellent investment for your home security.

The Lockly Vision Elite comes equipped with a full HD video camera, infrared night vision, and a motion sensor, providing you with a complete view of your surroundings. Its built-in solar panel ensures that your lock stays powered up, even during extended periods of use.

With Lockly’s complimentary White-Glove Onboarding Session, you’ll have expert guidance to set up and optimize your smart lock experience. Lockly Vision Elite comes with free delivery, 30 day return and up to 5 year warranty. Available to purchase on Amazon. Learn more at

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