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At Wade Works Creative, we start every relationship with an initial design consultation. The Consultation is a powerful brainstorming session available virtually or in person, between the client and one of Wade Works professional architects, design managers, interior designers, landscape architects and/or engineers. Our team’s mission is to enlighten and give strategic direction to our clients through creativity, experience, personalization and sound financial advice. Whether on television or for our private clients, our ultimate goal for the initial consultation is to enlighten homeowners to their space’s fullest potential.

For those who are uncertain about the investment potential of any renovations to their current home, we offer a “Love it or List it” consultation that includes both a design and financial evaluation based on current real estate market conditions. This two fold approach with members from both our Architecture & Design and Real Estate teams will either inspire you with the vision of renovations that will make your home once again work for your family, or equip you with the information you need to make an educated decision to sell your current home and wisely invest in another property that fits your lifestyle.

Book before August 9, 2019 to receive your special pricing as we celebrate the launch of Misty Mill!

To schedule your consultation, email info@wadeworkscreative.com or call 770.312.5957 and be sure to mention the discount code MISTYMILL20.


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