DIY Recipes for Pest Control

Springtime is absolutely beautiful! The perfect 70 degree weather, fresh flowers and ample things to do with your family outdoors make it one of our favorite times of the year! However, with springtime also comes those pesty pests! You can never prevent all pests, but here are some great ideas for getting rid of some of those bad bugs using just what’s in your kitchen pantry. All you will need is: ammonia, flour, potatoes, milk and chili powder.

1.  Slugs – ammonia and water (50/50 solution). Mix in a trigger spray bottle. Spray directly on the slugs. The ammonia converts into nitrogen, so as you are killing slugs you are actually fertilizing your plants.

2.  Cabbage worms (any worms) – use self- rising flour. Sprinkle flour on leaves. The worms eat the flour, the self-rising flour will rise when the sun comes out and the worms will expand and die. Early morning is the best time to do it b/c the worms are chowing down.

 3.  Root eating pests – plant a cut up potato and plant a few inches below the soil. (stick a skewer in it to locate it). The root eating pests are attracted to the rotting potato.

 4. Fungus – milk is the answer. Mix half skim milk and half water in spray bottle. Spray on the foliage, preventing mildew and black spots. Spraying should be done early in the morning so the leaves will dry completely in the sunshine. The skim milk basically creates a film over the leaf and prevents black spots from developing.

 5.  Animals digging up bulbs or other plantings (moles, mice, chipmunks and squirrels) – chili powder! The hot pepper that is in the powder keeps the animals from digging up the bulbs. (They don’t like the bitter taste of chili powder (or the heat). Sprinkle some on the surface too to prevent the cats/dogs from digging up the fresh dirt.


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