How to Make a RV Trip Fun and Luxurious

As you may have heard (or seen) by now, we are leaving for a month long RV trip with our whole family in tow! We’ll be driving through several states but taking our time exploring Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and Colorado. If you have any hidden gems you think we should see along the way, please comment below. We would love to hear your suggestions.

For the next month, we will be spending a lot of time on the road, so we wanted to make the most of it! Here are some awesome gadgets we are taking along with us as well as some ideas for you to make living on the road fun for the kids and luxurious for the adults if you decide to take an RV trip in the future too.


Chip has all of his tools in his truck, but he’s also bringing along a couple of tools the family will surely appreciate. An 18V and 40V power source for remote charging of all of our electronics and the 18V ONE+ Dual Function inflator/deflator for blowing up floats or even a car tire.


As part of RYOBI DAYS, get it for FREE with the purchase of a 2-Battery & Charger Kit!

-Ideal for both High Volume and High Pressure Applications

-High Volume Inflation – ex. Air Mattresses & Pool Floats

-Inflates a twin mattress in 30 seconds!

-High Pressure Inflation – ex. Tires & Sports Balls

-Inflate a car tire from flat to full in 4 minutes!

-Part of the 18V ONE+ System of over 125 Tools all running off the same battery, and over 40 tools on the 40V

-Easy view precision digital gauge for easy, accurate, pressure readings

-On-Board Storage for accessories (sports ball needle, Presta Valve Adaptor, pinch valve nozzle, hoses)


Get two as part of RYOBI DAYS, for $99! Regular retail is $59 per piece.

-Safe for use indoors

-Ideal for powering small electronic devices

-Laptops, tablets, cellphones

-150 Watts of Continuous Power

-(2) USB-A Ports

-(1) 120V Outlet

-Onboard LED Light


-Safe for use indoors

-Ideal for powering small electronic devices

-Laptops, tablets, cellphones AND sensitive equipment

-Pure Sine Wave Output

-300 Watts of Continuous Power



-120V Outlet

-Onboard LED Light


We installed a waterproof DiamondBack Truck Cover in order to get the most out of storage and versatility for our truck bed. This cover is incredible. It can hold up to 1600LBS on top and still gives you full access to the bed below to store other items. Because it is waterproof, it keeps everything in the truck bed dry which is a major bonus when we are driving through Colorado and you could experience all different kinds of weather within a matter of hours. This is how we are going to bring our ATV (Yamaha Grizzly) along with us. Chip drives the ATV right on top of the cover and then we can easily tie it down for transportation. The best part about this truck cover? It installs in less than 45 minutes!!


Now, you may be wondering…where is everyone going to sleep?! After all, we have three kids and two adults coming on this trip. RV’s are notorious for uncomfortable sleeping arrangements and did you know that RV beds are not actually “standard” size? We recently discovered this during our small RV renovation. So, our friends at King & Queen Mattress Co. made us a custom mattress! We love the fact that these mattresses are handcrafted start to finish in our home state of Georgia. They are also chemical and ozone friendly by using only CertiPUR-US Foams. Lastly, King & Queen Mattress Co. is factory direct, so there is no middle man which ultimately means, great prices!!


Being on the road doesn’t mean you have to compromise on what you eat. Ramen noodles while sitting by the fire pit sounds fun to the kids, but us adults wanted to keep some feeling of “luxury” going on this trip. So, Holy Grail Steak Co. graciously gave us some premium Wagyu and Kobe Beef to enjoy. These are premium steaks/meat that are butchered and immediately flash frozen to -30 degrees to lock in perfectly aged state and then are mailed directly to you! How awesome is that?! They have a wide comprehensive assortment of Wagyu beef and it’s the only online source for genuine Kobe beef. We realize that feeding 5 mouths on a road trip can be difficult, so we also have hot dogs and s’mores for the kids!


Last, but certainly not least, we are bringing our Jura Coffee Maker. We are pretty serious about our coffee in the Wade household, and Jura gives the ultimate coffee experience! We have the perfect cup of coffee in our mug in just one touch. The Jura ENA Micro 90 makes even cheap beans taste like a million bucks! Fresh water is heated for every cup and you can also make any drink with milk. It uses intelligent pre-brewing fusion. We simply scroll through the drink menu, push one button…and tada! Best cup of coffee you will ever drink.

And that’s it! We will share more of our favorite things to bring with us on our road trip with you as we go, but these were definitely a “must” for us to begin this amazing, memorable trip!

You can follow more of our RV adventure on instagram (@WadeWorksCreative, @ChipWade, #WadesGoWest) and Facebook (@WadeWorksCreative and @ChipWadeDesign). Our family road trip officially begins 07/05/2020!

Don’t forget that you can also watch us LIVE on Fox & Friends every weekend as we share our experience out west!

Watch this weeks Fox & Friends segment here (07/05/2020).


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