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As seen on Fox & Friends – June 2024

Father’s Day is a great excuse to celebrate some of our favorite guys…and it’s always fun to be up in NYC with our friends over at Fox, sharing some of our favorite products for Dads. Here’s a quick run down on the stuff dads actually want…or at least what Chip wants this year!

Swing Sesh is the ultimate Father’s Day gift for dads and granddads who cherish family time but also prioritize staying in shape! Proudly made in the USA by a veteran-owned business, this robust playset (with sings, slides, and monkey bars) doubles as a complete home gym. With a squat rack, rope climb, box jumps, dip bar and more, you can get an incredible full body workout without ever leaving the backyard!

In addition to being versatile, Swing Sesh is also exceptionally durable! These playsets are thicker than typical backyard playsets and feature a special coating that keeps it cool to the touch under the sun, making it safe for use even on hot days.

Get dad outside and in on the fun this summer with Swing Sesh!

This Father’s Day, give dad a brighter smile with the Laifen Wave electric toothbrush. This innovative wave electric toothbrush is the first to combine Oscillation & Vibration. This dual action ultra-wide 60° oscillations and the high-frequency vibrations results in a brushing method that’s three times more efficient than traditional toothbrushes!

The intuitive app allows customizable settings for vibration strength, oscillation range, and speed, tailoring the brushing experience to your specific oral hygiene needs.

The Laifen Wave includes three premium brush heads designed for different oral health aspects, with the Gum Care head featuring ultra-fine bristles for a gentle yet deep clean. These heads use an advanced copper-free tufting process to inhibit bacterial growth, keeping your mouth fresh and healthy.

The Laifen Wave features a magnetic charging method that can fully charge the device in only 2.5 hours for up to 30 days of use. Plus, its travel-friendly Flight Mode locks the device to prevent accidental activation.

Use the promo code LFFOX10 at for a 10% discount and make dad’s smile the best it can be this Father’s Day!

This Father’s Day, give the gift of extraordinary vision with Pulsar’s advanced technology. Whether your dad is a nature enthusiast keen on observing wildlife or a professional in security, he will love seeing what’s normally invisible.

Inspired by the surrounding nature, green woods, endless meadows, and calming rivers of this land, Pulsar’s high-performance devices are designed to cater to a wide array of activities, from fishing at dawn to hunting at dusk and participating in search and rescue missions.

The Krypton 2 is a clip-on thermal front attachment kit that is super fast and versatile, making it perfect for dads who love quick adaptability in their outdoor gear. With 3x digital magnification and an impressive 11-hour battery life, it ensures extended periods of optimal performance, whether for wildlife observation or nighttime adventures.

For dads who appreciate classic design and long-range capabilities, the Merger LRF XL50 binoculars are an excellent choice. These thermal binoculars feature an extraordinary detection range of up to 2300 meters and a laser range finder effective up to 1000 meters. Their classic design makes them comfortable and familiar, enhancing any outdoor exploration experience .

The Thermion 2 LRF XL50 thermal scope is ideal for dads who demand precision and versatility in their gear. This scope offers built-in photo and video recording, is fully waterproof, and includes a wide-angle eyepiece for comfortable observation. With precision aiming, ten reticle shapes in nine colors, and eight color palettes, this scope has all the bells and whistles to enhance any outdoor activity.

For dads who value compact yet powerful tools, the TELOS LRF XP50 thermal monocular is a standout option. It features an 1800-meter detection range, built-in video recorder, and is both WiFi connected and waterproof. This monocular is perfect for versatile and reliable performance in any outdoor or security-related task.

Visit and make this Father’s Day truly special—because seeing is believing!

Explore the rugged elegance of Buffalo Jackson’s premium leather goods, perfect for the dad who appreciates timeless style and durability. From the North American Buffalo leather collection, these handcrafted pieces showcase the exceptional texture and toughness that only full-grain leather can offer. Each item, from leather bags to wallets, is meticulously crafted in North America, ensuring you’re gifting not just a product but a piece of heritage that lasts.

Beyond American Buffalo, Buffalo Jackson crafts its products using a variety of premium leathers and fabrics, each offering unique qualities and exceptional durability including exceptionally soft sheepskin to rugged waxed canvas.

For dads who are into hunting and outdoor activities, Buffalo Jackson offers a specially designed waxed canvas and leather shotgun case. This case combines functionality with style, providing a durable yet classy solution for carrying and protecting valuable equipment.

Whether you’re looking for a practical gift or something to pamper your dad with luxury, now is the perfect time to explore their collection. Head over to and get 15% off your purchase with the code DAD15.

Give dad the gift of ultimate outdoor versatility with Backlander Outdoors! These compact and easily portable camping beds have a built-in mattress and assemble quickly with zero tools…adding exponential comfort to your camping trips.

Say goodbye to low-end gear that can be frustrating to use! Backlander Outdoors comes with a 5 year warranty and features a durable aluminum frame reinforced with stainless steel, ensuring it can support up to 880 pounds. For those who love camping with family or friends, Backlander Outdoors also has connection kits that allow you to connect beds!

Side by Side and Triple Bunk Kits Coming Soon*

This makes it perfect for both a solo trip, a romantic getaway, or a weekend in the woods with the whole family. When it’s time to head home, break down is just as easy as setup! Again, no tools necessary, just fold them down, grab them by the carrying handles and throw it back in the trunk!

Head on over to to learn more about Backlander Outdoors and explore their range of products. The first 200 customers to enter the code “FathersDay” will receive $80 off qualifying purchases.

This Father’s Day, give the gift that every DIY’er will appreciate—the IQ Vise System by Work IQ Tools. As the world’s smartest and most versatile bench vise system, it makes completing tasks easier, faster, and smarter. This articulating bench-mount vise allows you to position your work at the perfect angle and lock it securely in place, ensuring precision with every project. Plus, the collection of specialized IQ Vise Jaws provides optimal grip for hundreds of materials and projects, from delicate woodworking to robust metal fabrication.

Enhance Dad’s DIY adventures with the IQ Connect hands-free accessory system, which includes a work light, magnifying glass, and cell phone holder that can be plugged into the vise or mounted around the shop. This system illuminates the workspace, magnifies details, and keeps instructional videos easily accessible.

The IQ Vise retails for $280, the IQ Jaws range between $25-$45, and the IQ Connect System retails for $110.

Visit Work IQ Tools for more information and make this Father’s Day truly special with a gift that makes Dad’s projects easier, faster, and smarter—because he deserves the best!

Do Father’s Day gifting right this year with Lowe’s incredible deals and FREE gifts on select purchases! Whether he’s a grill master or aspiring craftsman, Lowe’s has something special to make him smile. These offers are available in-store and online at for pick-up or same-day delivery on select items.

For the tool-loving DIY’er, Lowe’s offers amazing deals like:

If the dad in your life loves whipping up chef-inspired meals, don’t miss out on the FREE 8-piece accessory kit when you buy a Blackstone Griddle Bundle that’s currently on sale for $248.

Still stuck on what to give dad? Head to your local Lowe’s or shop for a gift card on to let him pick out exactly what he wants. Don’t forget to join, earn, and save on gifts for dad this Father’s Day by signing up for MyLowe’s Rewards at Make this Father’s Day unforgettable with the perfect gift from—because Dad deserves the best!

Another great gift to DIY Dads are Bucket Grips! They are the easiest way to carry a bucket! These handy accessories distribute weight, making it easier to carry heavy loads without the usual hassle or strain.

Perfect for painting, gardening, fishing, construction, farming, or storage, Bucket Grips are the ultimate gift for any DIY’er. With easy removal and the ability to switch between buckets, they offer convenience and comfort in one simple tool. Bucket Grips clip together for easy storage, so Dad can keep his workspace tidy.

This Father’s Day, give Dad the gift of ease and efficiency with Bucket Grips—because he deserves a little less strain and a lot more gain! Available in-store at Lowe’s or online and

Give Dad the gift of peace of mind with Moen’s Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff. Designed for the dad who values home security, this device monitors your home’s water 24/7 to prevent water damage. Installed inline with the main water supply, it uses advanced technologies like MicroLeak™ and FloSense™ 3.0 to detect leaks as small as one drop per minute, ensuring early intervention before damage escalates.

Moen’s Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff doesn’t just prevent leaks; it also offers control and convenience through the Moen Smart Water App. Dad can remotely monitor and manage water usage, receive alerts for irregularities like running toilets or faucet drips, and even shut off the water supply when away from home.

With features like Burst Protect and Winterize, it safeguards against burst pipes and freezing temperatures, making it an invaluable addition to any home. Priced at $500 and available on, it’s the ultimate tool for proactive home maintenance.

This Father’s Day, show Dad you care with the gift of protection and control—because keeping his kingdom safe starts with the right tools from Moen.

As a dad, Chip can tell you that simply spending time with his children is one of the best gifts! So, spend time with your dad today if you can!

But we all know that life gets crazy, taking us in many different directions or across the country and being able to care for our aging parent’s isn’t always possible. And without proper care or socialization, seniors often face feelings of loneliness and isolation which can hinder their healing. A study by Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging showed 1 in 3 seniors report feeling isolated from their community highlighting the importance of checking in with your loved ones.

At Homewatch CareGivers, caring for seniors isn’t just about physical health—it’s about emotional well-being too. With over four decades of experience, Homewatch CareGivers has been a trusted name in home care, offering personalized plans that allow seniors to age in place with dignity and independence.

Now, with the introduction of Homewatch Connect, they’ve taken it a step further. This innovative technology combats loneliness and fosters independence by keeping seniors engaged and connected. Homewatch Connect provides easy communication with home care experts and loved ones, ensuring non-intrusive and secure monitoring and connection to minimize feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Features include:

  • Increases connection and engagement between care team, family and medical providers through virtual care visits
  • Improves consistency in routine with helpful on-screen reminders for appointments and medications.
  • Alerts care team of temperature, humidity and motion changes using environmental sensors
  • Grants out-of-town family to be more deeply involved in care through interactive dashboard
  • Offers scam protection by only allowing incoming calls from approved contacts

Families can have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe and receiving the care and attention they need to thrive. Visit or call 833-208-0007 to connect with trusted experts and ensure your dad receives the care, companionship, and support he deserves.

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