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KBIS and IBS 2022 Recap – As seen on Fox & Friends on April 10, 2022

Design & Construction Week is like the Superbowl for DIY’ers and industry pro’s alike. With the best from both the NKBA’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show® (KBIS) and the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS), Orlando was packed with cool new products and tons of inspiration for your next home project. Here are some of Chip’s favorites from the week:

Why it’s Chip’s Pick: This AI cooking companion gives you confidence in the kitchen!

Cooksy is an AI-enabled device that is mounted above a stove. It combines video, artificial intelligence, thermal imaging technology, and the use of an app on your smartphone or tablet to improve the way you cook. It is instant smart kitchen technology that works with your existing stove and pans and requires minimal set-up and takes the guesswork out of cooking so you can consistently create – and enjoy – delicious meals. Think of it as a GPS for the stove. It provides guided cooking in a compact device that provides step-by-step instructions when you are following a recipe, coaching you the entire way. If you’re a beginner in the kitchen – consider it your coach. If you’re a skilled home chef, Cooksy brings your skills to the next level and lets you record and share your culinary successes as video recipes.

We’ve been dying to see this beauty in person since spec’ing it for our #PinhotiPeak project…and it truly is a show stopper! The Monogram 48″ Dual-Fuel Professional Range with 6 Burners and Griddle is like jewelry for the kitchen. But it’s not only beautiful, but it’s also incredibly functional with features that make cooking more convenient and enjoyable.

Chip’s Tip: Although I’m an avid DIY’er…installing appliances of this level is best left to the pro’s! That’s why we are relying on Concierge Group to ensure our investment at Pinhoti Peak is protected.

Concierge Group is the leading luxury appliance installation company. Each and every Concierge Group Installer is Factory Certified, which means you are getting your top-end appliances installed exactly the way the manufacturers require it to be done. They perform a pre-walk service to identify and solve any potential installation complications. Plus, their team of professionals can manage installation projects that require modifications to existing spaces, delivering customized solutions to streamline your remodel.

Concierge Group offers a complete white glove experience with installation and repair services available in multiple cities.

Why it is Chip’s Pick: A typical wood frame deck last 8-10 years but this steel deck framing system from Fortress® is built to last with no rotting, warping, splitting and resistant to pesky insects.

Evolution steel deck framing system from Fortress® is the next evolution in decking. Some of the many revolutionary benefits include:

  • Easy Installation: When it comes to installation, if you know how to frame a deck with wood you can frame with steel. The system works with any type or brand of decking including composites, deck tile and traditional wood.
  • Long Lasting: Sidelines issues associated with moisture absorption, resistant to fire and invulnerable to rotting, warping, splitting and insect damage. Great long-term return on your investment, a typical wood frame deck lasts 8-10 years, where an Evolution steel deck last for 25 years and beyond. Evolution is available with a 25-YEAR WARRANTY to match composite surface boards.
  • Strength: this system is strong enough to support today’s most sought-after backyard amenities, including full outdoor kitchen and bar, hot tub and plenty of seating for hosting.
  • Safe: Uses a straightforward interlocking joist and ledger system which makes it possible for you to build a safe, sturdy deck from the ground up with less effort.
  • Beautiful and Low Maintenance: Powder coating adds a finished look and helps increase lifespan of the Fortress® system—with minimal maintenance. No cleaning, sanding, staining, annual maintenance.

Why it is Chip’s Pick: This new, American-made building product may look like grown up Legos but this alternate building block product seriously reduces labor and material costs!

This innovative easy to install, self-aligning, mortar-less, interlocking building block system is designed to be simple to use yet provide a superior alternative to other forms of construction, instantly creating value for builders, installers and remodelers. Its design enables quicker and easier installation than other building materials as it’s installed in fewer steps and doesn’t require specialized equipment. With all the strength of existing building materials, Lok-N-Blok, a water resistant, insect resistant, bacteria and mold proof block, is considered “GREEN” through its energy efficiency, as well as the fact that 100% of the product is recyclable. Lok-N-Blok is a revolutionary solution that combines strength, performance and easy installation from its design and material for the best overall value on the market.

Some of Lok-N-Block‘s best features:

  • Building houses has just become much easier, and 60 to 70 % faster using this system. That’s why they use the tagline,
  • The simple 2 part system, blocks and tensioning rods, give the structure a wind resistance up to 250mph.
  • The blocks are easy to assemble by hand, don’t rot, mold and bacteria resistant
  • The blocks are made from Polypropylene which is more environmentally friendly than some other plastics and it’s recyclable…imagine recycling all your scraps rather than dumping wasted concrete blocks.
  • Lok-N-Blok allows the end user, either direct consumer or general contractor, to realize an overall reduction in installed costs through savings in many areas such as delivery costs, labor, materials, and jobsite cleaning, and provides for an environmentally conscious product through waste removal and recycling of all waste products.

Why it is Chip’s Pick: This scissor style attic ladder takes up less space and keeps you safe!

FAKRO has 12 different models of Attic Ladders (and they make beatiful skylights too). FAKRO Smart Attic Ladders save space while providing convenient storage and access to the attic. Each model features minor adjusts that make installation and fitting the floor-to-ceiling height safe and easy. Insulated models are free from visible hardware making them the perfect addition to any room in the home.

Some of Chip’s favorite features of FAKRO’s LST Insultated Scissor Attic Ladder:

  • The ladder is self-adjustable to the height of the ceiling. It collapses as it folds away and expands as it opens.
  • The construction takes up less space and requires less room to unfold making it perfect for small landing spaces.
  • It is energy efficient with pre-installed weather seal and insulated door 5.2 R-value with white finish.
  • The ladder is safe to operate with non-slip steps and 350 lb capacity.
  • The bottom plastic wheels protect the floor surface.
  • Trim kit and control rod included, and comes fully assembled for easy installation.
  • Universal fit 7’6” – 10’10”

*Housekeeping Note: The products featured below are compensated placements and this post may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through one of our links at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products we have personally used and while some of the pics and stats may come from the manufacturer, all of the tips and opinions are our own.


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