Building Tips and Lessons Learned from our latest project!

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As seen on Fox & Friends – January 21, 2023

We just finished up rough construction of our build and seeing it come together at this point is overwhelming! Here are some of our favorite brands from this build that you can incorporate into your next project for huge impact…and most are DIY friendly.

Pauli and I are excited for you to join us on this creative journey building Pinhoti Peak. Even though we’ve done hundreds of projects, we are still learning from this modern mountain cabin on top of Fort Mountain in North Georgia.

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You’ve heard me say this about a thousand times, that my goal for this house is to be maintenance free. Deterioration of wood was a concern for featured tongue and groove walls of T&G, but I didn’t have to compromise with the Canvas Series from Versatex!

Versatex Building Products is a national manufacturer of ‘wood like” cellular PVC finishing trims. 

All their products install like traditional wood trim and have zero maintenance required to preserve their lifetime warranty because they don’t absorb moisture and bugs don’t eat them.

They have a beautiful product line called The Canvas Series with wood tone laminates on PVC in different T&G profiles.  They come in nine colors that never require stains or paints to hold their beauty. 

The Canvas Series by Versatex can be used both outside and inside the home including porch ceilings, soffits and access walls.

I used Turner Oak all over this home.   It installed with ease and is so natural looking people think it is a hardwood finish!

Check it out at and look under the products page for The Canvas Series 

Organization might be my love language. Seriously, the only thing more relaxing to me than tinkering in my workshop is the peace that comes from having all my tools organized and easy to find.  LEVRACK is the perfect storage solution for Pinhoti’s workshop…and probably the one you’ve been looking for too!

The hanging shelves slide back and forth to create a clean, compact storage environment. These mobile aisle shelving systems increase storage capacity by 1.5x to 2x compared to static shelving. Installation is quick and simple, and LEVRACK industrial grade units are proudly made in the USA

LEVRACK is fully customizable with multiple accessories from internal drawers to workstations, plus they come in multiple sizes and colors to fit any space….and you can even design your own from the ground up by using their 3D builder at

Install cabinets like a pro with EZ-Level Cabinet Levelers, the fastest and strongest cabinet levelers available.

With E-Z Level you’re able to achieve absolute precision with very little effort. This system protects you high-end counterops like Granite & Quartz for a lifetime because the levelers lock into place forever. There is no movement due to expansion and contraction like shims.

The E-Z Level system is super fast! It takes about 10 minutes to install the system and about 10 minutes to level the entire area.  Both DIY’ers and pros love the EZ-Level System.  Check out their reviews on Google, or on the EZ-Level website.

I also got the inside scoop…it won’t be long before the EZ-Levels are integrated into a cabinet, creating, what they call, a “Level-Ready Cabinet” right out of the box!

And just like LEVRACK….E-Z Level is100% made in AMERICA! Find out more at

Ceramic tiles can be very difficult to install, especially the larger plank tiles that are so popular today.  The hardest part of a beautiful tile installation is trying to get the surface flat. Thankfully, there’s a brand new, low-cost product created by a couple of long-time tile installers called MONSTER CLIPS.

Most other systems require 2,3, or even 4 pieces, but Monster Clips are a very simple one-piece system.

Just place them between the tiles as you are installing and snap them together.  After the adhesive dries, kick them or knock them off with a rubber hammer.

Monster Clips are innovative, easy, goof proof, and as you can see, lots of fun to look at! Available in various grout sizes and low cost.  For example, you can add Monster Clips for as low as 13 CENTS per square foot on the most popular sized tiles!

Next we want to introduce you to Aquor® Water Systems…A.K.A the easiest outdoor faucet system you’ll ever use! Say goodbye to foam covers and leaky hose bibs because those are things of the past!

Simply plug in to access water and unplug to stop water flow. This unique design is extremely reliable and low-maintenance (two aspects we love!) so, no leaks and no drips! Now I know you may be thinking…”ok that sounds great and all but how does it actually work?” Unlike conventional brass hose bibs, the Hydrant uses water pressure to keep its valve closed. As soon as you disconnect from the Hydrant, your outlet automatically seals, drains and winterizes so you never have to worry about freezing pipes or ugly foam covers. The marine-grade stainless steel Hydrant body is extremely durable and corrosion resistant, and offers better freeze protection than brass. The sleek, flush-mount Hydrants can be connected to your current plumbing and used with ANY garden hose.  Setup is a breeze and it’s instantly ready to use.

Visit to learn more.

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