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Screen-free gift ideas for kids, college kids, and kids at heart!

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It’s that time of year again!! Yep, the season of giving is here and boy do we have some amazing gift ideas to share with you…especially if you’re hoping to get your kids off of tech and into some adventure!

Gifts for KidsGifts for College KidsGifts for Kids at Heart
Youth ATVCooler & Storage Sytem3 Wheel Vehicle
GelBlasterPersonal WatercraftGas Grill
SneakersPower ToolsElectric Skateboard
Family AdventureSnowmobilePontoon Boat
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How about a Mess-Free Blaster?!?!? Gel Blaster is the original water based fully automatic blaster that will get the whole family outside playing!

Gel Blaster is no mess, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Gel Blaster gets kids off screens. It’s like video games in real life! The low cost of ammo allows you to throw it at full speed with no regard for the price! Seriously, since they are shipped dehydrated, 10,000 Gellets only costs $5!

You can even upgrade to glow in the dark

To find out more about the Surge & Starfire Blasters, visit:

The all-new Renegade 110 EFI ATV brings a whole new level of fun, reliability, and performance to your next family outdoor adventure, for riders 10 years old and up!

The Renegade 110 EFI ATV was built to make sure that the kids can partake in the outdoor fun with the whole family! This all-new ATV brings a whole new level of fun, reliability, and performance to your next family outdoor adventure, for riders 10 years old and up.

Easy-to-use features include an electric start button to get the fun going and a fully automatic continuously variable transmission. It’s equipped with independent A-Arm front suspension with 5.5-inches of travel upfront and 6-inches in the rear, 19-inch front tires and 18-inch rear tires, 28-inch seat height. A fun, comfortable and capable package for kids. Safety features include a built-in throttle limiter and youth size-specific handlebars.

To find more information and see the full lineup of Can-Am Off-Road Renegade youth ATVs, visit the Can-Am website and to find Can-Am Off-Road dealer near you, visit their Dealer Locator site!

Each year we also like to get the kids some new kicks! Merrell is always one of our “go-to” brands for shoes and accessories for the whole family. We typically go for a slip on, a sneaker and a boot for the new year! Here’s what we picked out for our crew this year.


For our warmer weather friends, there’s no better way to get out on the water than the Sea-Doo SPARK personal watercraft.

Boating and personal watercraft (PWC) specifically, have seen incredible growth in popularity over the past 5+ years. Water draws people to it as the ultimate way to enjoy nature and to escape the stresses of life and that’s true for college kids too!

What makes the Sea-Doo SPARK especially great for your college kid is that is that it is the lowest PWC on the market! It’s also, clean, fun and easy. It is small and light weight making it easy to store, tow, and makes it an interactive, super fun ride. The Sea-Doo Spark is stable, durable, easy to operate, and has an on-water braking system for ultimate control.  

You can find a SPARK and other great PWCs at one of the 1,500+ Sea-Doo dealers or learn more at:

An alternative for our colder weather friends is the Ski-Doo MXZ Neo. This snowmobile is designed to be very inviting to ride.

The MXZ Neo’s design is centered on ease of use and fitting smaller riders.

  • The handlebars are smaller diameter, the throttle is shaped for smaller hands, the seat is shorter and the ride height is closer to the ground.
  • The engine starts just like an automobile – simply turn the key.
  • Reverse is standard
  • It’s quiet and smooth

The liquid cooled twin cylinder EFI engine is a helps deliver the smooth, quiet and thrilling ride. It’s smaller packaging, but has all the features of a full-size snowmobile. Plus, the price/value is outstanding!

Learn more about the MZX Neo and other Ski-Doo snowmobiles at:

Your adventure loving teen will always have what they need when they need it with a cooler and modular storage system from GOAT BOXCO. GOAT’s products are super rugged, made right here in the USA, and the HUB’s ice retention is excellent! GOAT runs a year-round 25% store-wide discount for military, first responders and GOVX.

This home to field gear management system can store your tools, headlamps or gear, or check out GOAT’s specially-curated KITS.  GOAT has KITS tailored to fit any activity, whether hunting, tailgating, camping of disaster preparedness.

It’s so easy to use the RACK and CANS to store and organize all of your tools and gear in your garage, workshop or mudroom. The Cans are labeled for easy identification (FIRST AID, FIRE, HYDRATION, etc.). So, just Grab the CANS you need from RACK and slot them into your HUB Cooler.  Head out to tackle whatever the day has planned. It’s that simple. RACK. CANS. COOLER. GO.

If you’re heading out to a holiday bonfire or cookout, be sure to bring along GOAT’s:

  • Fire-Starting Kit to get the fire started
  • First Aid Kit to take care of cuts, bruises or hangovers
  • Power Boost Kit to jump start your UTV or charge your smart phone
  • Favor Flavors Kit to season your burgers or spice up your beverages.

And if you’re in to hunting or shooting clays, be sure to check out GOAT’s ammo CAN.  It will hold over 80 12 gauge shells.

Check ’em out at

Of course we’ve got to include a solid set of tools for your college kids on our gift guide! It’s one of those gifts they will really grow to appreciate! The X2 CORDLESS series from Senix is a great place to start your teen or young adult’s collection as they are small in size, never in power!

Senix is all about powerful, reliable, purposeful, and edgy technology! With over 57 products and many more to hit the market soon…here’s some of the features we love about the X2 20 volt series!

•One battery fits all X2 products.
•Easy battery removal to swap to any X2 tool.
•High performance brushless motor technology.
•Minimal maintenance.

In addition to the 20-volt X2 series, Senix also has 4QL Gas Powered, AC Corded, premium 58-Volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery tools. All designed with efficiency, quality, and value in mind! Find out more at:


Whether you’re a seasoned vet or new to the riding experience, Can-Am is “Changing the face of riding” with their Ryker Sport 3-wheel vehicle, making it easier than ever to enjoy your next on-road adventure.

Can-Am 3-wheel vehicles allow you to easily access the thrill of the open road by providing a stable and comfortable ride so you can enjoy the surrounding landscape with peace of mind.     

With a powerful, efficient and reliable Rotax engine, the Ryker Sport’s automatic transmission delivers effortless drive and great efficiency.   Confidence-inspiring features include stability control, traction control and ABS brakes keep the Ryker planted to the road.   Adjustable foot pegs, brake pedal and handlebar allows a rider to easily custom fit for the most comfortable positioning.   Plus there are several unique color choices and accessories available.  

Can-Am also offers a Rider Education Program (with over 240 schools in North America) where they give you the tools to become a more confident and informed rider before hitting the open road.  

To find more information and see the full lineup of Can-Am 3-wheel vehicles go to Can-Am On-Road page or visit  

A must-have gift for the grill master in your life! The Wolf Outdoor Grill features direct and radiant heat to give you nuanced temperature control for perfectly grilled meats, vegetables and more. Who doesn’t love a perfectly seared steak? The powerful infrared sear zone locks in delicious flavor for mouthwatering results every time.

The heavy-duty, stainless steel on the outside allows you to grill any time of day in any season. And, with Wolf products designed to last a minimum of 20 years, it may be the last grill you’ll ever need to buy.

Some more features that we love about this grill:

  • High-end quality and performance you can trust for consistent results
  • Unmatched temperature control and precision
  • Two types of heat (direct and radiant) for more thorough grilling
  • With two grill burners, you can sear entrees and warm sides at two different temperatures
  • Wolf products are designed to last a minimum of 20 years
  • The Wolf Grill is so durable that it may be the last grill you’ll ever buy
  • Allows you to grill any time of day and any season
  • Can be built into your outdoor kitchen, or freestanding on a grill cart
  • With signature Wolf red control knobs, you know you’re getting the best quality there is

For more information and to find a showroom near you, visit

Onewheel is all about having fun and it’s the perfect excuse to hop off your screens and get outside!

Step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new this year. We invite you to go on a micro-adventure close to home and try the Onewheel out! It’s way easier than you think it would be…seriously! Anyone can ride it (even my mom!!).

You can choose to ride this on or off road and even ride it to the grocery store or to run a few local errands in town. It’s small enough to take anywhere and has a super smooth, snowboard-like riding experience. They have three models available: the Pint, the Pint x, and the GT!

Visit to tearn more about the boards and make sure to snag one before December 16th to ensure your perfect gift arrives before Christmas!

To give the gift of MAXIMUM enjoyment on the water this year, check out the Max Deck on the new generation of Manitou Pontoons!

Seriously, this boat unlocks up to 38 sq ft more functional space…that’s a lot of valuable and versatile space for boaters and their families! From swimming, hanging out with friends, storing water toys, or enjoying food and drinks, the opportunities to enjoy the extra space are endless.

These revolutionary pontoons are able to unlock all this extra space thanks to Manitou’s integration of the all-new Rotax S, the world’s first outboard engine with Stealth technology. It literally disappears under the boat! Engineered not to be seen or felt, this new engine technology is a game-changer in both design, function and safety!

Featuring design cues taken from the automotive industry, the Manitou Pontoon is as sleek as it is powerful. With features like switchback seats to switch up your view, a tri-fold bench for 3-in-1 functionality and simtex vinyl seats for mold and mildew resistant seats that will stay cool in the sun, you’re able to design a floor plan to accommodate your own boating lifestyle!

Learn more or customize your own pontoon at

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