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Lately, I’ve seen so many people tackle their own home projects which is AMAZING! I love to encourage people to do the work themselves to save money (especially when it’s a task that I believe anyone can handle). It’s also so fun to get your hands dirty and also really cool to say “I did this myself!!”. But sometimes I do think some things should be left to the professionals. Heck, I even hesitate to do things myself sometimes and decide to leave it to a professional when I don’t feel confident or knowledgeable enough in that specific area. I’m here to tell you, it’s OK to consult or hire a professional! But, when you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do some of your own home projects, here are a few helpful tips and some amazing products I love to use to get the job done.



I’m a huge fan of hardwood floors in homes. I have hardwood floors throughout 90% of my home and when I stumbled upon Raintree Waterproof Hardwood Floors, I was instantly in awe. These are REAL hardwood floors that are 100% waterproof. Now you’re probably thinking…”Ok, come on Chip. How can they be hardwood floors and waterproof?” Well, they have a hybrid construction with the waterproof core NINJA CORE™ H20 performance. It’s a high density moisture resistant layer made of compressed stone and plastic and has indentation resistance of the rigid core, but still has the authentic design benefits of real wood. We have three kids running around our house constantly creating all sorts of messes but there is no need to worry because this flooring is super easy to clean! It’s also great for pets because of the NINJA GUARD™. My favorite part about Raintree Waterproof Hardwood Floors? They have a glue free install and they are silent to walk on because of the acoustical layer called NINJA STEALTH™. To learn more, visit

DIY TIP: DON’T try to site finish floors by yourself—it’s messy, smelly, and has a lot of opportunity to go wrong (cue your dog running across wet floors). Instead, opt for a glue-free pre-finished floor like these from Raintree that you can simply click-in and move on!


Having the right tools can make your DIY project less of a headache. Let me introduce you to three tools I now cannot live without… The Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig® 720PRO, the Crescent Lufkin 25’ SHOCKFORCE Nite Eye Dual-Sides Tape Measure, and the RYOBI Airstrike™ Nailers.


Say goodbye to the days of joining wood with face nails and screws…with this tool, it just got so much easier (and prettier!) The Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig® 720PRO is the easiest way to create fast, simple and strong joints in a variety of wood projects…all you need is a drill. Kreg is the leader in PH joinery. This brand new design makes it easier than ever to use on wood/ply/composites up to 1 1/2” thick. It has all of the features you could ever want…a thickness gauge, stop collar bit, and wings for long piece support. There is no extra setup needed. You just place it in the jig and the Automaxx one motion clamp secures it in place. Easy right?! You can get this Pocket-Hole Jig for under $150! It’s a must-have in my tool kit! To learn more, visit or click here to buy.

PRO TIP: DON’T try to attach wood with a butt joint that’s prone to crack or fail. Instead, act like a pro and use pocket holes! You’ll thank me later! 😉


Never underestimate the importance of a good tape measure…after all, it’s one of the most used tools! The 25’ Shockforce Nite Eye Dual Sides Tape Measure by Crescent Tool isn’t just any ordinary tape measure. It’s a tape measure that was built to last. It’s so durable that it can withstand a 100’ drop while on the job. The high visibility “nite eye” markings make it easy to read in all light conditions. My favorite feature is the dual-sided blade print with a vertical quick read scale on the underside for use in overhead and hard to reach measurements. The ergonomic case fits in your hand perfectly and the diamond-coated end hook grabs material from every direction and prevents slippage. You can find this awesome tape measure at your local Lowe’s store or on and

DIY TIP: DON’T invest in cheap tools that you use often (like a tape measure). Instead, DO look for features that work for you and tools that are built well.


If you ask me, cordless nailers are the future…and the only way to go for all of your home projects. They are so much more convenient than pneumatics…no hose or noisy cycling compressor. All you have to do is attach a battery and load some nails and you’re ready to go! My favorite part of this nailer is the fact that it’s highly portable, easy to maintain (no oil) and easy to store. It’s also way less of an investment than pneumatics with all of the equipment and is safer up on ladders/rafters. Overall, it requires less setup time and has no loss of power or performance compared to pneumatics. To learn more, visit

Click the links below for some of Chip’s favorite AirStrike nailers available at The Home Depot:





PRO TIP: DON’T lug around heavy hoses and compressors when you don’t have to! Instead, use cordless alternatives when it won’t cause you to sacrifice power or quality (like with these AirStrike nailers like these from RYOBI)!


Have you ever thought that the water coming out of your faucet tasted a little funky? Or maybe you have been worried about harmful contaminants in your water but didn’t know how to get rid of them so you settled for buying plastic water bottles from the store? Well, I may have found the perfect solution for you! I discovered this faucet filter from A. O. Smith and now our family will never live without it! If I have the chance to protect my family and friends from harmful contaminants like lead and chlorine found in water coming out of our faucet, I will! This is a quick and easy install that requires no plumber. The A. O. Smith Main Faucet Filter gives you fast, filtered water from your existing faucet that tastes great! It reduces up to 99% of 6 harmful contaminants including chlorine and lead and is perfect for 1-4 people which will last 1,389 gallons or 6 months. To learn more, visit

DIY TIP: Installing a whole house filter might be better left to a plumbing PRO…but you can tackle installing a single fixture water filter where you drink from the most.

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