Ditch the Gas – Fox & Friends 05/01/2021

Say goodbye to gas powered machines…because the future is electric! Since we just celebrated Earth Day a few days ago, I thought it was fitting to share some amazing environmentally friendly machines with you!


Experience the outdoors like never before with this amazing electric ATV …the EV Adventure from DRR USA. This is DRR USA’s consumer product safely compliant electric ATV. A major perk of this ATV is that you can save on gas and maintenance because its completely electric powered. Our personal favorite feature is that its eco-friendly and silent unlike the gas powered ATV’s you might be used to. You can go up to 70 miles on one battery charge and get speeds up to 40 mph with the 5kW silent motor. The 72V Lithium Ion removable battery only takes 6-8 hours to charge so you’ll be ready to go on your next adventure in no time! Take it off-roading or hit the trails through the mountains with this incredible machine! We can’t wait to explore the trails around our new mountain property…Pinhoti Peak in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with the EV Adventure! Click here to learn more about the EV Adventure.


If you know my dad, David, you know that he’s a huge fan of motorcycles and taking rides through the North Georgia mountains. So, naturally when I saw this electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson, I knew we needed to try it out! This is the LiveWire® by Harley-Davidson. It’s arguably the most successful electric motorcycle in the world and the first EV motorcycle from a major OEM (and American at that!!) This is the perfect bike for riders looking for a new riding experience (such as experiencing instant acceleration). The bike has 4 preprogrammed modes…sport, road, range and rain, which you can also customize. The motor is mounted below the battery to lower the center of gravity which makes it a lot easier for handling. It’s powered by a H-D Revelation™ permanent magnet electric motor (105HP, 86If lbs of torque) but this bike produces 100% of its rated torque instantly. This motorcycle gets 146 miles of city range and only takes 60 minutes to recharge!! Amazing right?!

A super cool feature we can’t forget to point out is the H-D™ Connect Service…basically you can connect your LiveWire® bike to your smart phone by using the Harley-Davidson App. By doing this, it allows you to check your bike’s vitals including battery charge status and also notifies you if your bike is being tampered with. It can also track your bike if it’s stolen and so much more. It comes in three different color options: Vivid Black, Orange Fuse, and Yellow Fuse. Click here to learn more information about the LiveWire® by Harley-Davidson.


Turn small trips into an adventure with the pint from Onewheel! Onewheel is all about having fun and anyone can ride it (even my mom!). You can choose to ride this on or off road and it’s still super smooth…a snowboard-like riding experience if you ask me. Our kids absolutely love the pint and instead of being cooped up in the house because of COVID-19, they’ve chosen to get outside and go on their own little adventure (which we love to see!). The Hypercore™ Brushless Motor is quiet and allows you to go up to 16 mph and all you have to do is lean to go (no remote required). You can learn more about the pint and other models from Onewheel here.


I’ll admit, mowing the lawn can sometimes be a drag, BUT when you have this 115 AH 54” Zero Turn Electric Riding Mower from RYOBI you think much differently! I can mow our lawn at Misty Mill in just a few hours thanks to the 5 high powered brushless motors. ! It’s so efficient, great for the environment, and super user-friendly. The maintenance on this mower is incredibly easy…no belts, spark plugs, or filters to worry about maintaining. The 48V battery allows you to cut quietly and requires no gas which ultimately means no dangerous fumes to breathe in! All you have to do is charge the battery (it has an easy access rear charging port) and you’re ready to start cutting! You can cut up to 3.5 acres per charge. To learn more about this clean, eco-friendly (zero CO emissions!) electric mower, click here.


Having the 14LP Heavy Duty Low Profile Dump Trailer from Big Tex Trailers is a total game-changer for when we are constantly hauling items back and forth for our various home renovation projects! The ultra low profile deck height makes loading and unloading easier than ever! It has a heavy duty 8” I-Beam frame, built in ramps and a superior quality finish. It’s great for hauling heavy items, trash, mulch, equipment, and so much more! The dump feature makes it really multipurpose too. All you have to do is press the button on the remote control…it’s seriously that easy! To learn more about the specs and different models Big Tex Trailers offers, click here.


In just a few weeks, we are starting construction on a new build called Pinhoti Peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I know these next two machines from Kovaco Electric are going to come in handy! They are the Elise 900 and MiniZ. Kovaco Electric offers the first fully electric skid steer loader that is 100% environmentally friendly.  It has up to 6 hours of operation with a 240 Ah battery and 8+ hours with a 400 Ah battery. There are 40+ different attachments and it’s completely remote controlled! The Elise 900 also has a self leveling bucket feature and 4 hydraulic speeds. The MiniZ is a remote controlled compact loader that can be used for various applications in landscaping, construction and agriculture. It has up to 8 hours of operation and takes 5.3 hours to charge. To learn more information about the Elise 900 and MiniZ, click here.

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