The Ultimate Gardening Tools to Have This Season – Fox & Friends 5/15/2021

Spring has sprung and we think that it’s the perfect time to share some gardening tips and tools with you so that your yards are absolutely beautiful by the time summer rolls around. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite tools and products for gardening in this blog post so that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces all summer long!

2021 Burpee® GardenCast™

Most people know Burpee for providing seeds and plants…but have you heard of the 2021 Burpee® GardenCast™? It is designed to inspire both new and seasoned gardeners this year by providing a gardening forecast informed by cultural trends and expert insights. The GardenCast trends include: The Immunity Garden, The Quiet Garden, Rise of Meatless Monday, Garden of Joy, and World Herb Garden. Two trends we especially love are the World Herb Garden and the Garden of Joy. The World Herb Garden has easy-to-grow herbs like dill, cilantro, and lemongrass that will satisfy your wanderlust without leaving your own backyard. Its the best for adding fresh international flavors to your recipes. The Garden of Joy includes bright and cheerful flowers like Pansies and Violas that instantly make you smile and boost your mood. To check out more information about the 2021 Burpee® GardenCast™, click here.

To purchase a Burpee Seed Starter Tray from Amazon, click here.

Vegepod – Self Contained Raised Garden Bed

The Vegepod is the vegetable garden of your dreams. It is a raised vegetable garden kit that comes in a variety of sizes (small, medium and large). One of the coolest features is the fact that it’s self watering meaning it waters from above and collects in trays and reservoir having enough water down below to last 3-4 weeks so you can go on vacation and not have to worry about who is watering the garden. The container is certified food safe and doesn’t leak rot or rust. It’s very easy to build and anyone can use it! The protective cover is a commercial grade canopy that stops all pests, weather and weeds but it also can still let light air and rain in. The cover refracts light which actually improves the photosynthesis and it won’t tear. Another great aspect is that you have a full foot to grow the big stuff like peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins, strawberries, herbs and leafy greens. Click here to learn more about the Vegepod.

To purchase on Amazon, click here.

Pure Farmland – Pure Growth Project

Wouldn’t you love cooking with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients everyday? Well, with Pure Farmland, you can do just that! Pure Farmland are makers of plant based proteins (non GMO, gluten and dairy free) and are increasing availability of produce to communities everywhere through its Pure Growth Project grant program in support of neighborhood farms and gardens. You can submit an application and download the plans here. I love to encourage folks to plant their own gardens at home as well. Pure Farmland’s Grow a Meal, Share a Meal garden plans help you grow all the ingredients you need for homegrown dishes like a breakfast omelet or even a delicious Italian dinner. For each plan downloaded, Pure Farmland will make a donation to Cooking Matters. To learn more about Pure Farmland and the Pure Growth Project, click here.

RotoShovel – Electric Handheld Shovel

Take the work out of gardening with this amazing cordless shovel! The RotoShovel will instantly become your gardening best friend because it is just so simple to use. It is an automatic handheld shovel with an auger for homeowners and professionals. The RotoShovel is faster than a garden spade…it can dig holes up to 7” deep and 3” in diameter. It’s made from quality metals such as steel and aluminum and has the safest auger available due to the safety shutoff feature when hitting a rock or root. You can use this for bulbs, flowers, shrubs, landscaping, etc. A single battery lasts 2 hours which is plenty of time for any DIY gardener to get the work done! To learn more about the RotoShovel, click here.

The RotoShovel is currently available on Amazon for under $129! Click here to buy!

GreenworksPRO 60V Forward Rotating 8” Cultivator

Gardening is made greener with this next tool…the PRO 60V Forward Rotating 8” Cultivator by Greenworks. It’s a gardening tool you just can’t pass up! No gas, no priming, no pulling cords…this is my kind of machine! Just push a button and you’re ready to till. The PRO 60V Forward Rotating 8” Cultivator has a high efficiency brushless motor that provides more power, torque, quiet operation and longer motor life. It’s also equipped with a turbo button for on-the-fly power boosts for extra large clumps of soil. They provide a 4 year limited tool and battery warranty and it’s available to purchase online at Greenworks Tools and The Home Depot.

Lowe’s Project Source Misters

Stay cool this summer with an all new, innovative, quick-attach Misting line up exclusively at Lowe’s! This is perfect for patios, backyard spaces, and pool areas. They also come in handy for gardening! Your pets will also love them to beat the summer heat. There are 4 different products: The Mini Mister, Portable Misting System, FlexiMist, and Fan Conversion Kit—all of which can attach to any standard garden hose. These can cool air up to 20 degrees and the best part? They’re all under $25 a piece!

The Quick-Attach Mini Mister is the one stop shop for personal misting. You can quickly and easily clip or strap this to your patio chair, tables, or railings because of its flexible tube which allows for mist wherever you position it.

The Portable Misting System is perfect for umbrellas, deck railings, pergolas or garden spaces. It has 20 feet of tubing and four misting nozzles.

The FlexiMist allows you to adjust the height to your preference. There are 8 misting nozzles for ultimate cool-downs. You can use it to cool off the patio, or even let the kids have fun playing games in the backyard.

Last but not least is the Fan Conversion Kit. It turns any standard fan into a Misting fan with the easiest setup. I love to use it while grilling out or enjoying an afternoon on the patio with family.

We can’t wait to add more of these to our boat house and backyard setup at Misty Mill! To learn more, click here.

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