Keeping Our Pets Safe and Happy This Fall

Pets are part of the family…after all, we treat them like one of the kids! And, we all want the best for our pets…especially when it comes to pet safety which often times gets overlooked.


As the weather gets colder and the holidays get closer, keeping pets safe from fire and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is vital. Did you know that every year 500,000 pets suffer from smoke inhalation? (Source: United States Fire Administration). And, nearly 1,000 home fires each year are started by family pets? (Source: The National Fire Protection Association). Pets are susceptible to CO Poisoning, yet 36% of pet owners don’t have or don’t even know if they have a CO alarm in their home (Source: Kidde). How crazy is that?! I was startled by these numbers and started some research on the best smoke and CO alarms. I came across Kidde Smoke and CO alarms and have been super impressed with their products and trust that they will keep you and your family (including your fur kids) safe too! 

Here are a few tips in keeping your pets safe with these alarms:

  1. Install smoke and CO alarms throughout your home, and most importantly, know when to replace them! (Note: Smoke alarms need replacing every 10 years and CO alarms every 7-10 years, depending on the model.)
  2. Not sure how old your alarm is? Simply look at the manufacture date on the back. If it’s older than 10 years, it’s time to replace.
  3. Pet proof your home. Fires start with curious pets so remove stove knobs and keep pets away from candles and hot appliances.
  4. Alert fire service to the pets in your home. Attach a non-adhesive decal on a window near your front door to let rescuers know how many animals are inside the home. This is a very simple step, yet can save your pets in emergencies.
  5. Know signs of CO poisoning. The first signs of CO poisoning include things like nausea/vomiting, dizziness or difficulty breathing. You should leave the home immediately, then dial 911 if you notice any of these signs.

You can visit for more information. Shop Kidde products at and at major retailers like The Home Depot, Amazon, and Walmart.


If your dog is the adventurous type, you may want to pick up this handy gadget from TryFi…a smart dog collar. It allows you to track your dog anytime, anywhere! Some features include a Backyard Geofence and Bluetooth to track your walks and keep your dog in good shape. You’ll never have to worry about your dog getting out again. It also includes Dog Walker Monitoring so you always know where your dog is and who they are with and Travel Tracking Protection which allows you to enjoy your vacations knowing where your dog is at all times. Last but not least, you can track your dog’s activity level and steps and compete against other dogs. It comes in 4 different colors and has a 1 year warranty. You can snag your Fi Collar here.

Next, we’re sharing some products that will help you keep your home and pets clean and happy this fall.


We love our pets, but they can definitely be messy. Many people don’t realize it’s important to clean their carpets 3 – 4 times a year. While vacuuming removes surface debris, washing is essential to get a deep-down clean and to preserve carpets. HOOVER® has several cleaning products designed for pet owners and the new HOOVER® SmartWash™ PET Carpet Cleaner simplifies life for pet owners by removing deep dirt, stains, and pet messes. This is an upgraded version of the highly rated HOOVER SmartWash Carpet Cleaner introduced 2 years ago. This carpet cleaner is super powerful and easy-to-use: simply push forward to wash and pull back to dry. It has three new features that make it ideal for pet owners: 

  1. a Spot Chaser™ Pretreat Spray Wand pretreats set-in stains with the power of OXY formula.
  2. Antimicrobial FlexForce PET PowerBrushes resist pet odors while agitating and penetrating carpet to remove ground-in dirt.
  3. An Antimicrobial Pet Tool attaches to the eight-foot hose and eliminates tough stains on carpets, stairs and upholstery. 

HOOVER® also offers an assortment of cleaning solutions and pretreat products like the Paws and Claws Cleaning Solution. It’s designed to clean pet stains, odors, and messes.

The SmartWash™ PET Carpet Cleaner sells for $299 and is available at, Amazon, and other national retailers.


Every dog needs washing and grooming and this one is a total must-have! After all of the fun outdoors, our dogs are usually smelly and dirty. Grooming dogs can be hard and can take a lot of time, especially if they don’t want to stay still and you don’t have the right tools. The Waterpik Pet Wand PRO, provides the ultimate dog shower and features an innovative WaterComb™ Spay setting that penetrates deeper into thick fur and allows for an easier and more effective clean. It comes with an 8-foot flexible hose and outdoor adapter, which is perfect for backyard showers. It also has a two-setting spray so that you can easily change from WaterComb™ Spray to Narrow Spray and dial the water pressure to your desired force.

For more information and for more helpful dog grooming tips, visit The Waterpik Pet Wand PRO is also available on Amazon for $39.99.


This pet bed has orthopedic foam which offers joint support and weight distribution. It has a removable cover and fits dogs up to 90 pounds. Right now, you can get 20% off your entire order on by using code “FRIENDS” at checkout.

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