Product Review: Diablo Carbon Teeth Recip Blade

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post brought to you by The Home Depot.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Recently I got some fun new toys for the yard…including my awesome new Branson Tractor! Cue the old Kenny Chesney song, right? As a neat freak, I needed a place to keep all my new equipment clean and organized. So, this weekend I was excited to tackle a project to do just that!

It took my dad and me about six hours to construct a 16’x20′ tarp shed from Shelter Logic. And honestly, it went fast and smooth because we had the right tools for the job…including these Steel Demon Amped Carbide Teeth Recip Blades from Diablo available at The Home Depot.

The excitement for trying a new product is never lost on me, but there is always a mixture of expectation and skepticism as I am usually pretty hyper critical of something when it claims to be new and better. The tarp shed comes as a kit, but the way it attaches to the ground is a bit flexible. It can install straight on the dirt with anchors for a very temporary install, over a concrete slab for moderately permanent one, or a hybrid of the two that I chose to do.

Instead of pouring an entire foundation, I leveled and brought in a gravel base that I thickened to about 6″ deep on the perimeter. I got some aluminum channel with a thick wall (1/8″) to lay down flat on the gravel then infill around with gravel to provide a stretcher to mount the framework to that would never rot by being in the ground. For this project I had to make 10 cuts through this 2×8 aluminum channel, 10 cuts of 1/2″ thick rebar, and cutoff 2″ thick-walled galvanized pipe for the final fit of the building.

Normally I would not be surprised to find a reciprocating blade getting overheated, worn and rendered useless after any of these individual tasks. The Diablo blade says on the package “up to 100x longer life”, so my expectation was quite high that I would be able to get this job done with one blade. I started out with the aluminum 2x8s. The blade tracked perfectly straight and moved effortlessly through with no down pressure, just the weight of the tool. Even a close look at the cut looks like something more off a nice cutoff saw than a recip blade. The rebar was also no match dropping off lengths in just 3 seconds per cut. The final pipe cuts felt like the blades had not even been used. There is still so much life left on these blades, that I can see the claims are not all smoke and mirrors. I will have to adjust my workflow of saving recip blades for future projects, at least these Amped ones from Diablo!

And here’s how easily the project came together!

The Steel Demon Amped Carbide Teeth Recip Blades from Diablo are available at The Home Depot.


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