Multipurpose Use of Husky Products

How to Use A Husky Workbench and Two Types of Husky Cabinets in 10 Different Arrangements

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Posted by HGTV on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Family dynamics and lifestyles are constantly changing, especially as the kids¬†grow up.¬†Pauli and I get it–we have three little kiddos of our own and we are currently trying to figure out the best ways that we can organize all of the kids’ toys and clothes. However, we know we won’t always need to find the best storage solutions for toys once our kids grow up. We’ll soon have other needs that take priority over basement storage solutions and that’s okay because we will be equipped to do so with these awesome Husky products.
You may associate Husky products with garages and workshops, but they can actually be used for so many more things around your home! You just need to think a little bit outside of the box.
By using¬†a Husky worktable/workbench and two different types of cabinets, Pauli and I will be able to rearrange¬†our current toy, basement storage solutions and kids’ closets into new configurations in the future such as an office desk for Pauli or a stylish studio bed-desk platform for our soon-to-be teenager!¬†We will constantly be tweaking what we use these products for, and that’s the beauty of these Husky pieces! Their versatility and quality are unbeatable and so reliable.
Rearranging these pieces in ways that make sense for you and your family is important, which is why I’ve decided to show you 10 different ways to arrange these pieces into useful¬†configurations for your home to best suit your ever-changing family lifestyle!
Whether you need some more basement storage, a vanity, an island for all of the crafting you do, or just an office work station–I’ll¬†show you all the different ways one type of Husky¬†worktable¬†and two different types of cabinets can be used for the needs you have!
And, the best part is, once you buy the pieces you need for one configuration, you can keep them for the rest of your life and use them in any way that you need in the future!
Husky Products:


Humanscale Product:
Ready to see how these arrangements can work in your home?

Let’s get started!

Set-Up #1:¬†Basement Storage (or in our case, storage for our kids’ toys)Basement Storage

This basement storage set-up uses¬†three¬†Husky¬†6′¬†adjustable worktables.
Optional: Add plywood as an extra shelf if needed!
** Disclaimer: It is always recommended to properly secure the steel Husky products for stacking purposes. **

Set-Up #2: ClosetCloset

This closet arrangement of Husky products only requires¬†two¬†Husky¬†6′ adjustable worktables. Once you have these two Husky pieces stacked on top of one another, add a closet rod and angle irons to hang your clothes from.
Optional: For additional storage space, add a plywood shelf!
** Disclaimer: It is always recommended to properly secure the steel Husky products for stacking purposes. **

Set-Up #3a: Craft Room Island Option 1 (Workshop)Craft Room Island

This craft room island option uses¬†two¬†Husky¬†6′ adjustable worktables. Optional:¬†You can insert a Tablesaw and fence guides into the top.

Set-Up #3b: Craft Room Island (Option 2)

This craft room island option uses¬†two¬†Husky¬†6′ adjustable worktables,¬†two¬†door base cabinets, and¬†two¬†drawer base cabinets.
Optional: Add a craft paper roll to the side of the worktables!

Set-Up #4a: Garage Work Station (Corner Option)

This garage work station is¬†designed to be in a corner of a garage. Place¬†two¬†Husky¬†6′ adjustable worktables¬†perpendicular to each other. With the remaining gap in the corner, there is an option for a radius corner with an additional wood top.

Set-Up #4b: Garage Work Station (Regular Option)

This garage work station option requires¬†four¬†Husky¬†6′¬†adjustable worktables.¬†Add¬†two¬†door base cabinets¬†and¬†two¬†drawer base cabinets¬†underneath worktables for maximum storage and usability.¬†Optional:¬†Add additional casters (if needed) by using drawer base cabinets.

Set-Up #5: Kitchen

This kitchen option uses¬†four¬†Husky¬†6′ adjustable worktables.¬†Note:¬†You can create a cutting board from the sink cutout. Use as many cabinets as needed for storage. Depending on your needs, either type of cabinet will work!

Set-Up #6: Office Work Station

This is one of my favorite transformations. We used¬†two¬†Husky¬†6′ adjustable worktables¬†stacked on top of one another and one of each type of cabinet (one¬†door base cabinet¬†and¬†one¬†drawer base cabinet). Add a¬†Humanscale Diffrient Chair¬†(which we absolutely love!) for a comfortable seating option.¬†Optional:¬†Add some greenery to the space with your favorite plants and a pendant light for extra light.
** Disclaimer: It is always recommended to properly secure the steel Husky products for stacking purposes. **

Set-Up #7: Seating

Because the Husky worktables are adjustable in height, they make for an easy seating option! Add a cushion on top for ultimate comfort.

Set-Up #8: Studio Bed-Desk Platform

This configuration is perfect for your growing teenager. In this example, I used¬†four¬†Husky¬†6′ adjustable worktables¬†and¬†one¬†drawer base cabinet. Add the Mattress on top and a¬†Humanscale Diffrient World Chair¬†for the perfect bed-desk arrangement.
** Disclaimer: It is always recommended to properly secure the steel Husky products for stacking purposes. **

Set-Up #9: Utility Room

The Utility Room set up requires only¬†one¬†Husky¬†6′ adjustable worktable¬†and¬†one¬†door base cabinet. Cut a rectangular hole in the top of the worktable for your sink and you’ve got a nice set-up for your utility room!

Set-Up #10: Vanity

Pauli absolutely loves this vanity option because it’s so simple, yet gives the bathroom such a unique look. All it requires is¬†one¬†drawer¬†base cabinet. Then cut a hole in the top of the wood and run the drain within.
And¬†that’s it!¬†Sometimes all you have to do is think a little bit outside of the box and now you have 12 different arrangements of Husky pieces for your home!
Until next time…

NOTE:¬†If you’d like to purchase¬†any of these Husky products¬†for your home, you can find them at your¬†local Home Depot or¬†online! You can find Humanscale desk chairs and more of their products¬†online¬†as well.


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