QuickStand Eco by Humanscale

What does Chip think about the QuickStand Eco?

Here at Wade Works Creative, I like to stay as healthy and active as I can throughout my workday. However, that’s not always possible when I’m working at my desk, answering emails, making phone calls, designing new prototypes, creating design mockups, editing photos and video, and so on.

I have been looking for the perfect work-desk solution to this problem of sitting stationary at my desk for far too long, and QuickStand Eco by Humanscale came to the rescue! They graciously gave me one of their QuickStand Eco’s, which allowed me to try it out in my own office space.

So far, it’s been a game-changer! I have so much more energy when I’m working from the office, I can think more creatively and quickly on my feet (literally), and I can be more productive throughout my day with the use of the QuickStand Eco. It’s also so simple to set up, portable, and has great custom features that allows me to adjust to my own desirable comfort. QuickStand Eco has completely transformed my traditional office space into an active, healthy , and energetic atmosphere!


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