Product Placement Case Studies

Advertising on QVC offers a unique and highly effective platform for brands to showcase their products. With its massive viewership and dedicated audience, QVC provides a direct and engaging avenue for companies to connect with potential customers. The live, interactive format allows brands to demonstrate their products in real-time, leveraging the persuasive power of demonstrations and expert presentations.

Chip has collaborated with Geneverse as a brand ambassador, becoming extensively knoweldgeable of their solar powered solutions. Chip was honored to introduce the QVC community to Geneverse’s HomePower ONE as part of QVC’s “Our Great Big Holiday Kickoff” event. The segment aired from 10 pm and 12 am ET on October 12, 2023, and was a big success for Geneverse.

“QVC’s reputation for delivering exceptional products to a broad audience aligns perfectly with Geneverse’s mission to provide sustainable energy solutions for every home,” said Ron Resnick, Director of Sales at Geneverse. “We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive Geneverse bundle on QVC, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a platform that shares our commitment to quality and innovation. Having renowned DIY expert Chip Wade on board for this debut makes it even more special, showcasing the expertise and reliability that Geneverse stands for.”

Advertising on QVC with a host well versed with the brand and products not only provides a significant boost in exposure but also facilitates a direct and compelling means of promoting products to a broad and attentive audience that’s primed to convert!

Integrating products into makeover TV shows can either be a significant win or a major disappointment for brands. Successful product placement hinges not only on ensuring the products are authentically encorporated into the design, but also the brand has the marketing collateral to leverage these integrations! Let’s face it, briefly seeing a company logo on the back of a shirt is likely the best a brand will get without paying significant fees to a network on top of product donation. Even then, paid network integrations are typically removed after the first airing. So, how do you make the most of a product integration?

Enter Chip’s out-of-the-box problem-solving! For Netflix’s Instant Dream Home, the design and production team leveraged Chip’s design and renovation experience to procure products integral to unbelievable transformations. In exchange, Chip negotiated permissions with Netflix for Wade Works Creative to capture detailed photography, and behind-the-scenes videos of how these integrated products were used in the renovations that the brands could freely leverage after the show’s premiere. This created an infinitely more valuable deliverable for the brands, maximizing their integrations.


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