The Superbowl of Tailgating & Outdoor Fun!

As seen on Fox & Friends – February 4, 2024

Welcome to the ultimate kickoff party! Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan, a grilling enthusiast, or just someone who loves a good time outdoors, this is your playbook for turning every tailgate into an unforgettable experience. Get ready for a winning combination of game-day excitement, delicious eats, and innovative gear that will make your tailgating adventures legendary!

Take your tailgating experience to colossal proportions with the Hisense 100″ QLED TV, the largest QLED on the market that will redefine how you enjoy the game. With billion+ shades of vivid color thanks to quantum dot technology, and full array local dimming enhancing contrast, the visual spectacle is unmatched. Supporting all major HDR formats, including Imax enhanced, filmmaker mode, and Dolby Vision IQ, this TV ensures every detail of the game is brought to life with unparalleled clarity. What’s more, the variable refresh rate of up to 144Hz guarantees that gaming or watching the game will be as smooth as silk.

Visit and make the Hisense 100″ QLED TV the star player of your tailgate!

Transform your tailgating experience into a culinary extravaganza with the Yoder Smoker YS480 Pellet Grill, proudly MADE IN USA. Boasting an expansive 800 sq in. cooking area and a generous 12 inches of headroom, this grill is the ultimate player for serious barbecue enthusiasts.

With an industry-leading 10-year warranty, Yoder Smokers guarantees durability and reliability, ensuring your investment in top-notch grilling pays off season after season. The YS480 Pellet Grill is not only a powerhouse but also a precision instrument, capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 700 degrees, giving you the versatility needed to master any grilling challenge.

Visit to discover how this American-made grill can take your tailgating celebration to championship levels.

Ensure the safety of your tailgating crew with LifeVac, a revolutionary solution for choking emergencies. Choking is the 4th leading cause of accidental death, claiming the lives of 5,000 people each year, with one child succumbing to it every 5 days.

LifeVac is a game-changer, recognized as the easiest, safest, and most effective way to save someone from a choking emergency, having already saved over 1,600 lives. Widely used in homes, hospitals, eldercare facilities, police and fire departments, restaurants, and even in every Costco alongside AEDs, LifeVac provides peace of mind for any gathering. Each kit includes an adult mask, a pediatric mask, and a practice mask. Remarkably, if you use the device, the company sends you a new one for free.

Learn more about this life-saving tool at and make your tailgate the Super Bowl of safety and preparedness.

Elevate your tailgating experience to championship levels with the Cricut Maker® 3, the MVP of creative cutting. With its ability to handle over 300 materials, including vinyl, iron-on, and cardstock, this cutting-edge device brings unparalleled power and versatility to your game day preparations.

Unleash your creativity using the Cricut Design Space, a user-friendly platform that makes crafting personalized cups, drinkware, party décor, t-shirts, and even big banners up to 12 feet an absolute breeze. Take tailgating to new heights as you cut fabrics, engrave metal, and deboss leather with ease, making every detail of your celebration a winning touch.

Visit to discover how the Cricut Maker® 3 can turn your tailgate into the Super Bowl of creativity.

Revolutionize your aim with the Dynamic Range X1, the world’s first transportable shooting range system. With just the press of a button, experience dynamic shooting scenarios as you engage moving targets, retrieve targets, and control your shooting scenario remotely.

This innovative system brings the thrill of target practice to any location, offering a quick assembly for on-the-go shooting sessions. What sets Dynamic Range X1 apart is its user-friendly design, allowing for easy part replacement at low costs, ensuring durability and longevity.

Visit to bring excitement to your tailgating experience and hone your aim with this cutting-edge, remote-controlled moving target system.

Looking for the perfect dish to serve at your tailgate or watch party for The Big Game? Jimmy Dean® Premium Pork Sausage Roll will elevate any game-day appetizer or meal.

Whether you’re gearing up for The Big Game or hosting a watch party, this savory sensation will elevate your game-day appetizers or meals to legendary status. Indulge in the Sausage Lover’s Dip, a delectable creation featuring Jimmy Dean’s signature seasoned sausage made with premium pork. Packed with a delicious blend of cheeses, ripe tomatoes, and spicy chilies, this crowd-pleaser takes just 15 minutes to cook, ensuring you spend less time in the kitchen and more time celebrating. For the full recipe and more game-day inspiration, visit, and elevate your tailgate with the unbeatable flavors of Jimmy Dean®.

Upgrade your tailgating game with the Coldbreak Portable Kegerator, the ultimate champion of on-the-go libations. This innovative kegerator boasts a convenient 2-gallon keg that can be easily refilled, allowing you to mix up your favorite cocktails like Margaritas, Palomas, or mimosas and fill the keg at a local craft brewery, cold brew coffee spot, or lemonade stand.

The best part? No electricity needed! The Coldbreak Portable Kegerator marvel uses ice to keep the keg cold for an entire week, ensuring your beverages stay chilled throughout the tailgating festivities. Plus, it’s proudly Made in the USA, adding a touch of homegrown excellence to your game day celebrations.

Visit to make your tailgate the Super Bowl of refreshment.

Gear up your outdoor fun and tailgate with the Quiet Kat Lynx Electric Motorbike, a cafe moto-inspired all-terrain ebike that effortlessly blends style and functionality. Designed for both fast-paced urban commutes and off-road adventures, this electric motorbike features a powerful 1000W, 2-speed motor with a long-range 20Ah battery, ensuring all-day city riding and extended off-road excursions. Embrace modern convenience with remote lock/unlock capabilities using your mobile device, live GPS monitoring, and navigation, coupled with anti-theft features for added security. The stitched saddle seat offers all-day comfort to riders, making every journey an enjoyable experience.

Explore the possibilities of this cutting-edge electric motorbike at

Create the ultimate chill zone at your tailgate with ShelterLogic’s lineup of premium outdoor essentials. The Camp&Go Jumbo Padded Camp Chairs redefine comfort with their giant, extra-wide, and extra-deep seat that provides a couch-like feel. The chairs come complete with an extra-large retractable cup holder, making them the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the big event. Supporting up to 350 lbs, the ultra-sturdy steel frame ensures durability.

Pair your comfy seating with the Camp & Go Expandable Camping Table, featuring a telescoping aluminum frame that adjusts to camp or standard height chairs. The roll-top style table top, constructed of heat-dissipating aluminum, is not only practical but also stylish.

For shelter from the elements, the Quikshade 10 x 20 straight leg pop-up canopy delivers with its easy-open top, sturdy construction, and a stylish design – making it ideal for use as a vendor or special event canopy.

Visit to turn your tailgate into the Super Bowl of comfort and style.

Say goodbye to motion sickness and nausea, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride to your tailgate destination. Reliefband wearables are clinically proven to deliver all-natural, drug-free prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness, morning sickness during pregnancy, chemotherapy, anxiety, hangovers, physician-diagnosed migraines, and as an adjunct to antiemetics in treating post-operative nausea.

Reliefband utilizes neuromodulation technology to deliver gentle pulses that rebalance the signals between the brain and the stomach, effectively relieving nausea and motion sickness. With its innovative technology, Reliefband is a game-changer for those who want to focus on the game-day excitement without the discomfort of travel-related nausea. Reliefband comes in a variety of models.

Learn more at

Make your tailgate the epicenter of convenience and fun with the help of TrailerTug! This innovative and powerful electric trailer mover lets you effortlessly maneuver your trailers, boats, or RVs with ease, turning your tailgate setup into the epitome of convenience. No more struggling with tight spaces or relying on others for assistance – the Trailer Tug gives you the control you need for stress-free parking and positioning.

Visit to explore how this compact yet mighty device can transform your tailgating experience into a hassle-free celebration of outdoor fun.

Bring an extra dose of fun with the Jazzminton Sport set from Funsparks. Elevate your pre-game festivities with this exciting and versatile outdoor game that combines the best of badminton and tennis.

The set, available at, features high-quality rackets and birdies, perfect for spirited matches that will keep the tailgate energy flowing. Jazzminton Sport is a fantastic way to engage friends and family in an active and entertaining experience, ensuring your tailgate is not just a celebration of sports but an epicenter of outdoor fun.

The tailgate is the perfect time to show out! Shinesty offers a vibrant collection of sports suits that are a perfect blend of fan pride and quirky fashion. Whether you’re supporting your favorite NFL team or just looking to stand out at the tailgate, Shinesty’s NFL Team Apparel ensures you make a bold statement with every touchdown celebration.

Explore the spirited and stylish collection at and gear up for a tailgating experience that’s as unforgettable as your team’s victories.

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