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New year…new projects! I can’t even begin to explain how important it is to have the right tools in your workshop. It can save you hours of time and lots of headaches and frustration by using the right tools for your home projects. The right tool for the job can also help even a novice have better results. Here are a few tools that would be a great addition to anyone’s workshop.

Bora Centipede® CK9S Workstand (4’x4’)

The Bora Centipede® CK9S Workstand is the most lightweight, flexible, portable workspace solution for any project! You can set it up in a matter of seconds (no assembly required!) and it can quickly fold down to allow you to bring anywhere. It’s extremely lightweight, so it’s very easy to move around. Don’t let its weight fool you though—it’s heavy-duty steel construction is durable enough to ensure long-lasting, smooth operation and the struts are flexible to absorb the impact from heavy objects and machinery. The work stand comes in 4 different sizes to fit your needs. The larger the work stand, the more weight it can hold. This 4’ x 4’ work stand can support up to 3500 lbs. I love the wide range of use for this work stand—I use it to cut down sheet material, as a portable work bench, or even as a shop or garage table. I can easily take it with me from Misty Mill to our house in North Atlanta to any job site. This comes with a range of accessories for use in the 3/4” dog holes that swivel around the top of each leg. Visit Bora for more information about the Centipede® CK9S Workstand.

Gearwrench Wratcheting Wrenches

The new and improved Gearwrench 90T™ Ratcheting Wrenches are the most helpful tools to have in your kit. Their 90-tooth 12-point ratcheting box end turns 6 and 12-point fasteners with just a 4° swing arc for improved access, while dual-direction off-corner loading reduces fastener rounding. One of my favorite features is the longer, more ergonomic beam for greater reach and leverage and their large color markings to make size identification quick and easy. Grab the new Gearwrench 90T™ Ratcheting Wrenches here.

Greenworks PRO 60V Hybrid Wet/Dry Vacuum

The Greenworks Pro 60V Wet/Dry Vacuum gives you maximum power and convenient portability. Pair it with any two 60V batteries (sold separately) and it’ll produce powerful air speeds up to 90 CFM and can be taken anywhere on any job site. It can run for up to 30 minutes and when the battery runs out, simply stick it on the charger (sold separately) and it’ll be ready for its next job! The casters provide 360 degree movement which makes it very user-friendly. It’s lightweight (under 20 pounds), which makes it easy and convenient to transport. It has a built-in drain that provides an easy way to empty dirty liquids and offers cordless freedom to use at any job site or even has a corded option for prolonged use. The on board storage holds 7’ x 1-7/8” hose, a crevice tool, a floor nozzle and a washable, cartridge style filter. This PRO 60V Hybrid Wet/Dry Vacuum has a 4 year limited tool warranty and retails for $129.99. To learn more, click here.

3M Pro Grade Precision Faster Sanding Sheets

Before you start your next project, you always want to check to make sure that your toolkit is stocked with the latest and greatest tools. The 3M Pro Grade Precision Faster Sanding Sheets is a must-have for your kit. They are designed with premium technology that resist clogging and provide you with a faster sanding experience. My favorite feature? It has a no slip grip on the back side which helps to prevent slipping so you can sand longer with less hand fatigue. It’s suitable for both wet and dry sanding. Overall, with the new 3M Pro Grade Precision Faster Sanding Sheets, you will be able to remove, smooth and finish faster with less effort. The sanding sheets are sold exclusively at The Home Depot starting at $4.99 (pending size).

Epilog Fusion Edge 12 Laser

A laser cutter is a must-have for the ultimate workshop. The Fusion Edge Laser series takes the highest quality engraving technology and incorporates it into smaller-format systems. This allows for users to get the latest and greatest technology in a transportable format. It features a 24″ x 12” work area and has engraving speeds up to 120 inches per second. It’s available in 30, 40, 50, and 60-watt configurations. These lasers are perfect for prototyping new projects and great for customizing/personalizing all of your projects (i.e. adding a family name to a cutting board, adding a logo to the interior cabinet doors for branding, etc.) This laser makes it so easy to make your creations even more unique. You can also use it in your existing business or start a side hustle. People love custom gifts and they are also very profitable and in demand. If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business, a laser cutter is especially a tool you want to have. It may sound or look intimidating at first, but its actually super easy to use! Cameras show you a real-time image of the engraving in minutes. Even if you’re not particularly “tech-savvy”, there is no need to worry! The camera recognition system on the Edge ensures your artwork will engrave or cut on even the most uniquely shaped items. It even works with all types of materials—wood, plastic, glass, slate…you name it, it’ll most likely work on it. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the beautiful state of Colorado! The base price starts at $13,500 and systems start at $7,995. Interested in learning more? You can get more information about Epilog Lasers here.


*photo from FLIR*

The FLIR ONE Pro is a gadget I am so happy to have in my toolkit. It helps you find invisible problems faster than ever, whether you’re inspecting electrical panels, troubleshooting mechanical systems, looking for HVAC problems, or even finding water damage. This FLIR ONE Pro-Series camera offers a 19,200 pixel resolution—a 4x the native resolution of the FLIR ONE Pro LT— for sharper image clarity that’s further enhanced by the revolutionary FLIR VividIR™ image processing. It allows you to measure temperatures more than 3x higher than any FLIR ONE model—up to 400°C with a sensitivity that detects temperature differences down to 70 mK. The FLIR ONE Pro is built to last. It is super durable and is rated to take a drop from 1.8 meters. Learn more information about the FLIR ONE PRO here.

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