How to Take a DIY Project from a “Don’t” to a “Do”

I’m a huge fan of DIY projects. They can save so much money and can let you put your own personal touch on each project. However, some can be quite intimidating and not every project should be a DIY project. Knowing what is a good DIY project and what is not is sometimes the best tip. Sometimes you just need to leave certain tasks to the professionals…and that’s totally ok! I’m going to share some DIY do’s and don’t’s with you that I’ve learned over the years.

Legrand Smart Switch and Outlet

This is a quick and easy upgrade for your home! Smart lighting from Legrand offers switches and outlets that combine clean design with advanced functionality. These smart switches and outlets can be controlled remotely via the Legrand Smart Lights app or within the home through voice-enabled assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. They easily connect to your home’s existing wifi network and install in place of existing switches and outlets (so no need to create any new holes in walls!)

DIY DO: change out switches and outlets with smart ones.

DIY DON’T: change out anything in the electrical panel yourself…leave this to a professional please!

You can learn more about Legrand by visiting their website and shop for the smart switch here and outlet here.

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Burpee Gardencast

Starting your home garden is a major DIY Do and now (before spring gets here) is the perfect time to start planning it! Burpee has tips and expert insights to inspire gardeners for the upcoming season in their first-ever 2021 Burpee GardenCast: a gardening forecast informed by cultural trends and expert insights.

 The GardenCast trends include:

World Herb Garden: Easy-to-grow herbs like BasilDill and Cilantro will satisfy your wanderlust without leaving your own backyard and add punchy international flavors to your recipes.

Immunity Garden: A plot abounding with vibrant vegetables like Winter Squash and Tomatoes, all of which can help you commit to a nutrient-rich diet that strengthens your immune system.

After you order your seeds, you can start to sow them inside as early as late February. Then, after your last frost you can start transplanting outside. Don’t wait too late!

You can learn more about GardenCast here or by following Burpee on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Burpee Gardening.

DIY DO: start your home garden now by using the 2021 Burpee Gardencast.

DIY DON’T: wait too late.

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Scotch-Brite® Advanced Scrub Dots Scrubbers

Another great DIY do is to get a head start on your spring cleaning! Freshen up your space with the right tools like the Scotch-Brite Advanced Scrub Dots Scrubbers. These scrub fast and stay fresh! Scotch-Brite Advanced Scrub Dots power through tough messes while rinsing clean and resisting odors. You can use them everywhere in the home (not just in the kitchen!)—even soap scum, eggs, and cheese won’t stick to the sponge. The hexagonal shape is easy to hold and designed to stand on its side for fast drying. These scrubbers are available in both a Non-Scratch and Heavy Duty variety. From scrubbing showers and tubs to grout, baseboards and more, these sponges will help you power though any cleaning job around the house. You can purchase these at many retailers nationwide including Walmart and Amazon for $3.99 for a 2-pack.

DIY DO: get ahead on your spring cleaning.

DIY DON’T: work harder than you need to by using the wrong tool…get a durable tool that scrubs fast and stays fresh.

Red Devil Onetime® Lightweight Spackling

This is another DIY Do that is easy and saves lots of time and money. Red Devil’s Onetime® Lightweight Spackling makes filling dents, cracks, nail holes, etc. a breeze! It’s lightweight, pre-mixed formula is easy to spread for professional repairs and it dries fast! No sanding is required and it won’t shrink, crack or fade. The spackling cleans up easily with water and is paintable in minutes with no priming necessary. It’s available in various sizes from half pints to gallons, space-saving square tubs, and various handy kits with all you need to patch a wall.

Right now, Red Devil is hosting the Onetime® Wallscapes Challenge. The challenge invites everyone to showcase creative or innovative ways they can use Onetime® Lightweight Spackling for a chance to win great prizes. Let your imagination go wild with Onetime® Lightweight Spackling and submit your entry online by March 1, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

DIY DO: Use Red Devil’s Onetime® Lightweight Spackling to patch a wall, fill dents, cracks, nail holes, make art, create a sculpture, etc.

DIY DON’T: create more of a mess than you need to.

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