Must-Haves For Your Home Gym

The convenience of working out from home can’t be beat. 2020 has changed the way people think about working out and has encouraged many people to build their own home gyms because working from home has also become more and more popular. A home gym sounds very appealing—even to people who aren’t your typical gym lovers. If you are thinking about jumping on the band wagon with the home gym trend, here are a few things to consider when setting up your home gym to maximize your time at home.


Whether you are setting up in a basement, garage, bedroom or some multipurpose space, even a small room can excel as a functional home gym with the right setup. Let’s start from the ground up…literally. Having the right flooring can make your space stand out while also keeping you and your family safe. Let me introduce you to Pavigym.

Pavigym is the most hygienic gym flooring on the market that will keep you and your family safe and also will make your gym space stand out from the rest. Here we have the Pavigym Endurance Vulcanized Gym Tile supplied by It is stronger, safer and looks way more sleek than other tiles on the market. When considering what flooring you want for your home gym, you want to make sure it is easy to keep clean…after all, its inevitable that you will be sweating on this floor and carrying some sort of dirt on your shoes. Because it is vulcanized rubber, it will hold up to whatever you throw at it because it has 5 times the tensile strength of a traditional gym tile. It is also more safe because of its closed cell construction which allows for easy cleaning and disinfection. Other tiles are glued together and act as a sponge, soaking up dirt, sweat and everything else you don’t want to encounter while you’re working out. They also prevent the accumulation of bad odors. This flooring really stands out from the rest with its selection of some great designer colors and patterns. Check out the Black Marble, Stone Grey and Earth Toned Wengue Brown! We loved getting this from Surface Direct because they make it so easy. They will pre-trim the tiles for you to fit your spaces dimensions (they call it “Lay and Play”) and all you have to do is provide your rooms size and they will cut the tiles, include a drawing of the layout and label each tile individually. It makes it super easy for anymore to make their home space look like a boutique gym!

Quickie® Jobsite™ Broom and Cloths

Quickie® Jobsite™ Fiberglass Handle Angle Broom

When creating and keeping up with your home gym, you want to keep the right cleaning tools close by! This Quickie Jobsite Fiberglass Handle Angle Broom is a must have! When I decided to turn my space into a home gym, the first thing I had to do was clear out all of the mess and debris in my basement. I decided to go to The Home Depot and found this awesome broom! The broom is made of a fiberglass handle which makes it very sturdy and heavy-duty. My wife left the broom in the driveway and I accidentally ran it over with my car, and it still works and looks brand new! This broom is also weather-resistant. You can leave it outside in the rain or even the snow and it won’t crack or rust! How awesome is that?! Now that my gym is all set up, the broom definitely still comes in handy in other areas in my house. We use it regularly in the garage, basement, and even the sidewalk! It can be used both inside and outside. I haven’t met a mess that this broom can’t clean up yet! You can also get a larger version of this such as the Fiberglass Push Broom for bigger messes.

Quickie® Jobsite™ Heavy Duty Microfiber Cloths

After a long workout, my gym equipment and machines tend to get gross. It’s completely normal. So, while I was at The Home Depot, I also grabbed these Quickie® Jobsite™ Heavy-Duty Microfiber Cloths. I absolutely can’t recommend these cloths enough! They are thick, absorbent, and durable (pretty much everything you would want or need in a cleaning cloth!). I specifically use the cloths in my home gym to clean down the equipment after each workout, but also use them in my car, the kitchen and the bathrooms…pretty much everything in our home! My favorite part? When I’m finished with them, I simply just throw them in the washer and can use them over and over again!

Ergatta Rowing Machine

Ready to bring out your competitive side?! Instead of a fitness class, replace it with a sport! Workouts on the Ergatta are gaming inspired with competition and motivators. It’s definitely different than a Peloton though…more like a competitive sport. We love this machine because it is a full body workout but easy on your knees. The Ergatta Rowing Machine is very design forward. The unit and interface is beautiful (made to make the home more beautiful…like a piece of furniture!). It’s fun for the whole family. You can race against each other and use the same machine at different times. We love the fact that it stores compact and is handmade in the USA.

Learn more about the Ergatta Rower here.

BWSS Adjustable Core Dumbbells

Few home gyms have space for a full set of dumbbells…a quality adjustable set will do everything you need and is super compact. The BWSS Adjustable Core Dumbbells can go up to 45LBS with its easy adjust handle spins when inside base to select your desired weight. It has a very durable molding around the metal plates that provides a smooth lift-off and quieter workouts. Unlike other adjustable dumbbells, each plate is tightly interlocked for minimal movement during use. The new flattened dumbbell face sits comfortably on your leg in between sets.

Learn more about the BWSS Adjustable Core Dumbbells here.

Kentwool Performance Socks

Last, but certainly not least, are the Kentwool Performance Socks. You want to be as comfortable as possible while working out because when you’re comfortable, you can work out harder and for longer. These are the best athletic socks that I’ve found. I suggest getting the Men’s Natural KW Sport on the short form and the Retro Crew on the tall form. Also, be sure to check out the classic ankle and classic low. These socks come in both mens and women’s sizes! There a ton of options on Amazon. Try them out and let me know what you think!

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