Outdoor Tools and Toys for Fall

Fall is just around the corner and we are super excited to take advantage of the cool, crisp weather and the opportunity to spend lots of time outdoors with our family. In order for you to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, we’re sharing some of our favorite tools and toys for fall with you!

Tools for the Fall

1. Branson Tractors

Tractors sound like something you’d only find on a farm or on a property with lots of acreage; however, I live in the suburbs and quickly learned I would not be able to live without one. There are so many different uses for a tractor around your home or property…for instance, lifting heavy objects, regrading drives, clearing brush, digging holes and pulling just about anything! A tractor is the tool of all tools! You can also check out some awesome attachments like forks and box blades to really take full advantage of your tractor. There are two models for small property owners that I highly recommend…the 2610h and the 2515h. These both have 24HP but have different sized chassis for different purposes. The 2610h is much heavier and can lift up to 2,200lbs (it’s one of the heaviest tractors in its class) and the 2515h is small and easier to drive in tighter spaces. They both have a 6 year warranty which is a major bonus! 

Highlights of the 2610h Tractor

-Premium compact tractor

-Clean EPA Tier 4 Engine (no need for a DPF filter)

-9F/3R gears

-Deluxe adjustable, flip seat

-Long wheel base – 65.7”

-Loader and Backhoe attachments available

-24HP, 1433LB lift capacity

-Great all purpose tractor, but small enough to get into tight spaces

Highlights of the 2515h Tractor

-Clean EPA Tier 4 Engine (No need for a DPF filter)

-12F/12R or 3Range

-Hydrostatic Steering, Fingertip ease

-Skid steer bucket loader

-Also 24HP, but unbeatable lift capacity (2,200 lbs!!) With tractors, weight is a big factor in functionality

-Weight: 3,014 lbs (it’s one of the heaviest tractors in its class)

An Extra Gadget to add to your Tractor…the Titan 5’ Box Blade from Georgia Land Equipment, LLC

Here in Atlanta, I worked with Georgia Land Equipment, LLC to get my implements for my tractor. The Titan 5’ box blade is a great tool for keeping the gravel drive at Misty Mill and at our house in North Atlanta in perfect condition all year round.

2. Pro 60V Cordless 18″ Chainsaw by Greenworks

I’m a big fan of Greenworks tools, so when I saw they had an electric chainsaw, I knew I had to get my hands on one. It’s a lightweight, quiet and powerful chainsaw that needs no gas and is always ready to use. This chainsaw is great for finishing up summer landscaping projects just in time for fall. There are so many different uses for this tool like cutting firewood for bonfires, camping trips, and getting your yard ready for your holiday decorations. It’s so easy to use and super energy efficient! You can get 150 cuts of 4×4 wood on a single charge with the included 4.0 Ah battery. The automatic chain oiler provides constant chain lubrication for easy bar and chain maintenance.

You can learn more about this specific chainsaw on greenworkstools.com. Right now, all chainsaws and poles are 30% off only on  greenworkstools.com until September 23! Grab one while this amazing sale is going on!

3. 1200 Amp Jump Starter/Portable Power Station with Inverter by Vector

Bring power with you strong enough to power your vehicle but versatile enough to power your electronics as well. This power station is strong enough too jumpstart almost any vehicle…even V8-powered cars, trucks and SUVs!! It’s also great for small tools and appliances…so it’s an extremely handy tool! It has an outlet, cigarette lighter and USB charging ports.

You can grab your own at your local Home Depot store or visit www.homedepot.com.

Toys for the Fall

1.Yamaha Recreation Side-by-Sides

Want the best off-road experience? Look no further! The 2021 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000 2 and 4 seater models are the all-new, best-in-class recreational off-road Side-by-Sides and were just released a few days ago!! These outdoor toys give serious adventure-seekers a new level of class-leading high-performance, extreme capability, power delivery, and versatility, without sacrificing reliability or cabin comfort, all backed by a 10-Year Belt Warranty. They have 3 custom drive modes for every activity and unique terrain…trail, sport and crawl. They also have the highest power in its class (dominating 999cc!) and have massive and burly 30-inch tires! The Yamaha Adventure Pro GPS is now dash-mounted and fully integrated on XT-R and LE models, yet lockable and removable for exploring. These outdoor toys are capable of almost anything! They have a 600lb bed capacity, 2-inch hitch receiver, and 2,000lb towing capacity.

2.ShelterTech by ShelterLogic

You have all these amazing tools, toys and vehicles, but now you need to make sure that you protect all of this gear. Meet ShelterTech by ShelterLogic! ShelterTech is designed to withstand the toughest weather. They are commercial grade, certified wind and snow rated shelters. They are made in the USA using ultra-corrosion resistant, galvanized steel and an all-weather UV treated cover. My favorite feature of the ShelterTech SP Series shelters are the fact that they are fully configurable. You can choose from 3 style options (peak, round or barn) and thousands of size configurations. You can build these shelters to fit your exact needs, up to 30 ft. wide and up to 100 ft. long!

Click here to learn more about ShelterTech.

3.Fusion Wireless Cameras by Stealth Cam

This one is definitely for all of the outdoorsy men and women out there! Whether for security purposes, simply just knowing what’s on your property, or even doing some wildlife scouting, cellular cameras are super useful! Fusion Wireless Cameras have the easiest setup I have ever seen! They can transmit images in just a few minutes with a quick QR scan setup. They have an awesome app for keeping track of cameras and graphing out frequency and patterns of wildlife. This one is definitely one of my new favorite toys!

4.Orion by Ozonics

When you are in the outdoors, being undetectable allows you to experience more without effecting your surroundings. Ozonics takes active scent control to the next level with the new Orion. The Orion allows your to get rid of odors before you get in the woods or after you come out. You can use it while you walk around, in your car, in cabins, bathrooms or even in a garment bag to eliminate all traces of odor. The battery can last up to 10 hours in standard mode. In addition, it features the new Hyperboost mode that, when activated, produces approximately 25% more ozone for times when you want more ozone production to overcome environmental conditions or to provide an added sense of security during peak animal activity. It also has a soft-touch rubber overmold for greater grip, and quieter handling.

Learn more about the Orion here.

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